Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A little stinker~

On the way home from getting the Azure order this evening, Mother came around a bend in the road and there--all of a sudden before her in the middle of the road was a small, black and white creature! She tried to miss it, but the skunk apparently ran into her tire, so the van doesn't smell very pleasant tonight. I hope the perfume dissipates quickly, as mother and I are planning on attending a baby shower on Friday and it would be nice to not have that aroma following us wherever we go!

It was once again a busy preserving day in our farm kitchen. Another double batch of Freezer Tomato Sauce got made; more apples got cooked into sauce and juice; the apple butter from yesterdays' work got canned; apple rings and fruit leather went into storage; and Mother made a gallon of our goats' milk into Quaso Blanco cheese (or, as most of our friends call it, "Vinegar Cheese"!)

My dad cleaned grain for our neighbors this morning and then spent the afternoon working on a problem he's having with the big baler. Jacob helped my dad in the shop and Andrew spent the afternoon swathing down the rest of the hay that's around our place. It will be so nice when we're finished with hay...

Just to be sure that the people who read this blog don't think that we work all of the time, I though I'd relate to you what my brothers and I did immediately after chores this morning.... Two of us would load small rocks into our sling-shots while the other would stand back a ways with two pop cans (we hardly ever drink pop, but my uncle and aunt brought some to share when they were here, so now we're having fun with the cans!) and that person would throw the cans into the air so that the other two could try to hit them. After a while, we'd switch jobs. It was lots of fun, although only a certain one of us was ever able to hit a can in mid-air, while the other two of us had to content ourselves with hitting the cans while they were sitting still on the driveway. :)

There, now my secret's out.... (We don't always work here!)

Blessings to you all and sweet dreams~


Hannah said...

Hello Cora,
Sorry to hear about your van! Sometimes it can't be helped though! This is a recipe that has worked very well for getting skunk spray off of stuff. I have never heard of anyone using it on vehicles, but it might work.

1 quart of hydrogen peroxide,
¼ cup of baking soda,
and a squirt of liquid soap.
Follow this with a clear-water rinse.

If you have not figured it out already,I am Grace's sister. You are welcome to look at my blog too!
~ Hannah

Have a wonderful wonderful day!!!!!!

Kimberly said...

It's nice when brothers and sisters enjoy being with each other. Our children always do, too.