Thursday, September 17, 2009

A quilting cake~

A couple of days ago, I had an order for a chocolate-flavored birthday cake. The lady who placed the order quilts with the lady whose birthday it is, so she wanted a cake that had something to do with quilting.

So, after about 4 hours of time spent in baking; looking for ideas; planning and decorating, this is what I came up with:

Here's the quilt-block close up... Oh dear, now you can see that my points don't match up perfectly! :)

When I was finished with the cake, I went out to the barn (armed with Mom's camera,) as the boys were working on cleaning out the barns with the skid-steer we're renting from a friend and I wanted to see how it was going. Andrew was just about done with the middle section of the East barn when I showed up... They did 2 sections this afternoon and have 3 left, so they should be able to finish the smelly job tomorrow.

My dad took the boys' big steer into the butcher shop today and then did a little mowing around Fern's (the lady we rent some of our land from) old farm-yard. When he was through with that, he came home and went out to bale up a neighbors' flax straw... The bales are going to be used at our Appleseed Shoot--as backstops for the bullets to go into. As flax straw isn't good for feed or bedding, we'll use the bales later as a windbreak for the cattle this Winter.

Speaking of our Appleseed... My mom registered our whole family today. It was kind of funny because one of the questions on the form is something like this: "Why are you interested in attending this shoot?" Really and truly, I think our whole family wants to attend because of the great convenience of having a shoot in our very own pasture! :) Joking aside--We saw that the "Steele Appleseed" advertising posters are up on the website now, so Mom printed up several and is planning on hanging some up in Napoleon tomorrow when she goes to put money in the bank. It seems hard to believe that the shoot is only a little more than 2 weeks away!!!

Oh, one more exciting thing happened today.... My dad learned that we have new neighbors (well, they live about 7 miles from us, but we still call them neighbors!) He met the dad of the family and they talked for a little while. We had actually met these people at a home school graduation about 11 years ago, so we kind of know them. I'm pretty sure they home-educate their children, so it will be really nice to visit with them!

As you can tell, it was once again a busy and exciting day on the farm!


Laura said...

That is a beautiful cake you made! I love the roses =)
Thank you so much for leaving a comment on our blog ~ it is always exciting to receive them!
I hope you are having a lovely day!
God Bless,

Rachel said...

Lovely cake! Yeah, well, we won't look too closely Cora! ;) Lol! I hate when I can see how "bad" my cake looks when I take a picture. Although sometimes, it improves it because you can't see something anymore through the camera. Lol! :D I love this quilt idea! :)

Oh, that's so great to have a homeschool family living so "close"! Hopefully you all can become good friends! :)


Hannah said...

I like the cake you made! A few years ago,Rebecca and Grace took cake decorating lessons from our neighbor.

I like mucking out our barn although my brothers do it more than I do!

Anna said...

Your cake is so beautiful! They colors complement each other wonderfully. Did you plan that? :)

Thanks for the tips on making bread- I'll have to try soaking in yogurt. We always have a ton of it laying around, anyway (especially when it doesn't turn out!).

Cora Beth said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

It was very nice to hear from you!
As you said, receiving comments is so exciting!

Thanks for not looking too close. :) You're a good friend!

I had my first cake-decorating lesson from a neighbor also... I was glad I went over to her house when I did, because she passed away just a couple months later.
Oh, if you ever want to do more "Muckin", feel free to head our way! :)

Did I plan for the colors to compliment each other? Well, yes-- that's usually my goal, although it doesn't always turn out how I'd like it to!
Yogurt that doesn't set up right is just perfect for soaking your flour in for bread making! Sometime soon, I'll share the recipe we use for our bread--in case you and others would like to give it a try...

Miss Jen said...

Dearest Cora Beth,
That cake is BEAUTIFUL!!!! :>)
Your design is simply
wonderful... it looks SO scrumptious.
Wish I could have a bite!!
Wouldn't it be fun to bake with one
another someday?

Love Always~ Jen

Cora Beth said...

Oh, Miss Jen!
That would be SO fun!!! You never know... God just may cross our paths someday to surprise us. After all, He can do ANYTHING! :)
Love to you~

Kimberly said...

Cora! That cake is beautiful!! As a quilter I can truthfully say you did a wonderful job. I have made that, windmill, pattern on a baby quilt I made for Leah. I made it out of flannel and chenille with colors similar to the ones you used on your cake. Great job.