Monday, September 21, 2009

The events of our day & an Honest Scrap award~

I'm cold! It's not even Autumn--quite yet.

In between rain showers this afternoon, the boys and I (and then our dad helped later when he got back from cleaning grain) cleaned up around the barns--meaning we picked up all of the things that were where they weren't supposed to be and put them where they belonged! What a great feeling to have that done with...

Then, when it started raining too much to be out of doors, we all headed in to work on inside jobs. I made my very first batch of Mozzarella cheese today!!! Thank you so much, Grace for teaching me how to do it! My cheese didn't look quite as nice as yours did, but it melted very nicely on the freshly made pizza we had for supper, and the guys commented on how much like store-bought cheese it was. :) The best part is that it wasn't even that hard to make!

And now I have an announcement to make:

I've been "Tagged" (for the very first time :) by my blogging friend, Rachel. Thank you very much, Rachel!

The rules are to pass this award on to 7 other bloggers whom I think are honest in their blogging and to list 10 honest things about myself.

So, after working on this in my spare moments for the last few days, here are my answers:

1. I honestly have never liked eating tomatoes raw, although I love them when they're ground up into sauces! It's just something about the texture of them that makes my stomach churn...

2. I love living in the country! (This part may not be a surprise to you though... :) In case you don't know this, I'm a quite, shy type of person (especially around people I don't know,) although when I was young, I was a whole lot more so. The Lord's been helping me, but I still feel much more at home in the quite of the country than in big crowds of people I don't know! Consequently, I love to write and can express myself so much better in letters (and through blogging) than I can in person. Being around people with the Sanguine personality type is always delightful, as they're so easy to talk to and I forget my shyness and feel right at home with them. Do you have any guesses as to whether or not I'll marry a talkative man someday? :)

3. I have 2 violins, an accordion, and a lap-harp--but I play the piano!

4. When I was younger, I had a LOT of pen-pals that I'd write long letters to. I still have a few, but mostly we correspond the modern way these days.

5. Being on time is important to me. It bothers me when the meals aren't ready on time; the chores are put off 'til late in the morning; the garden isn't put in on time; etc.... Does that mean I tend to be a perfectionist? Probably.

6. I honestly don't like baking cakes, but I do really enjoy decorating them, and the two kind of go hand in hand, so... I bake!

7. I love the color green... I used to like wearing pink things until my mom told me that the golden color of my hair didn't look so well against pink, so now I like to wear green a lot... If I have a big, old fashioned barn someday, I think it would look very nice painted hunter green! :)

8. I've journaled since I was 7 years old. My brother, Jacob likes digging out my first journal every once in a while and we have a good laugh together over the things I wrote and at how atrocious my spelling was... For example, my first entry ever was on August 12th, 1994. It reads: "To day i wock up in my bedroom and i soa my wallpaper and my cousns came today and today i put my closs up stars and hun them up on the hanrss." If you figured out what that said--congratulations! :)

9. My family and I rest and worship on the 7th day of the week. You may have guessed this before, as we are usually going places on Saturdays and listening to sermons--and then are working on Sundays... We felt called to the Sabbath 13 years ago, and we have kept it ever since.

10. The last honest thing about me, that you may or may not know, is that I like blogging! :) I especially feel blessed to have met so many new friends in such a short amount of time, and I look forward to getting to know you all better in the days, months and years ahead!

Well, there you have it!

Now, I'm supposed to award 7 other bloggers... This is going to be a hard choice, and I really wish I could chose more, as I've come to enjoy so many of your blogs and I learn so much from them--but the rules say 7 bloggers, so 7 bloggers it will be... (I know my mom will want to award some of her friends with this too, so if you're surprised you're not listed here, it's most likely because I want my mom or brother to be able to award you!)

If you've been awarded here, and if you want to participate, you need to award 7 other people on your blog; tell us 10 honest things about yourself; and put the award on your blog.

Here's who's "It": (in alphabetical order)

2. Anna

Congratulations everyone! I look forward to hearing what you have to say. ~

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a little better today and that you'll still honestly want to be my friend--even after you know that I don't like eating raw tomatoes! :)


Anna said...

Thanks for the award! And you're not alone- I can't stand tomatoes 'straight' either. :)

Andrew B. said...

Ack! You got me! :-) I guess I'll just have to tag someone else... I don't like straight tomatoes either, although all the tomatoes I've ever had were round! LOL!

Andrew B

Miss Jen said...

Thank you SO much for the award!!
I am very touched!

Love~ Miss Jen

Kimberly said...

Great post! I, too, am a very shy person although it has got easier since I am older. It is probably one of the reasons I was drawn to Tim as he can be very talkative!