Sunday, September 6, 2009


Today my uncle (my mom's brother) Russell and his wife, LV came to visit us. They'd never been to our farm and, as he/they've lived in CA most of my life, I haven't gotten to know them real well. In fact, I only remember meeting my uncle twice before this and aunt LV once before! So, it's been interesting getting to know them better--especially Aunt LV... She grew up in the Philippines and was the oldest daughter of a wealthy family (who had 6 children in all). She had servants and maids to wait on her daily; to dress her; and to carry her around from room to room until she was about 6 years of age! Their family moved to America when she was 8, but she remembers many things from her old country--which makes for some good conversations! She really enjoyed helping us with chores tonight and feeding the calves was her favorite part. She had never touched a cow before, so that was a thrill for her in itself. :) One hard part of chores for Aunt LV, though, was that she has really tiny feet, and as the only barn boots we had for her were size 8, she had to be careful not to trip as she swomped around the barnyard in her borrowed footgear! She made it alright and was all smiles... :)

Anyway, my parents and Uncle and Aunt are still visiting in the living room, but the boys and I are heading for bed now. As Russ & LV live west of Williston a bit, they had a long drive here this morning and have decided to spend the night with us, so we'll get to see more of them come morning time... Oh yes, we have been taking some pictures and I'll post them when I get a chance.

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Kimberly said...

It sounds like you are having a nice visit!