Saturday, September 5, 2009

A lovely day~ (The new and updated version--as my dad helped me think of a few more animals we've owned in the past and that we own in the present!!!)

What a nice day this was, although it was a little warm. My dad even turned on the air conditioner for a little while. It was the first time we've used it this year!

After morning chores, some of us checked the cows; we all got cleaned up; ate lunch; then sang some hymns and listened to Dr. Davis's message on "How to Forgive Yourself," which was very, very good.

Then, we children headed out to the pasture with our rifles and targets to get in a little practice. The boys taught me some of the basic things they learned at the Bartlett's Appleseed Shoot, and then Jacob and I tried to hit the targets we'd set up. I didn't do so well, and Jacob was using Dad's gun and wasn't too pleased with his results either. I guess we'd better practice some more!!!

When we got in, Mother was awake from her nap, so we all sat down and watched a version of "The Sound of Music" that our new friends, the Kenneys and their friends, the U. family had made. It was really neat to see how they all cooperated together in acting out several of the scenes from the original movie, and how they were so resourceful with their props and the scenery... They did a great job on their costumes as well! After it was over, we watched the "Special Features" DVD and that had us laughing SO hard--especially the blooper scenes! For example: Maria was walking down the highway singing, "I have confidence...", when the wind all of a sudden sent her hat flying off her head backwards and it came down upon her boot which she had just kicked up in her fancy skipping step... The hat went flying up again and finally came to rest on the ground. :) Thanks so much, Hannah, for sharing your special movie with us!!!

When we were through laughing, it was chores time once again, so we headed out and fed all 22 of our bottle-calves. I just remembered that my blogging friend, Rachel, had asked a few days ago about how many and what kinds of animals we have, so I'll answer her question here:
Between my parents, brothers and I, we take care of about 180 stock cows (and their calves); we milk 6 cows (5 Holstein and 1 Brown Swiss); as I said before, we're feeding 22 calves now; we have 57 yearling Holstein calves that we raised last year and 7 that we raised this spring; we're currently milking 7 goats, but have about 25 in all; let's see... there are about 30 Embden geese in the pen now; we have several Bourbon Red turkeys; a variety of breeds of chickens; about 15 cats; and 1 dog--our silly Millie. In the past we've had a llama, a donkey, sheep, Angora goats, horses, pheasants and ducks, but we don't miss those animals too much... :)

Well, I know I usually say this, but it's true once again!.... It's getting late and tomorrows' going to be a busy day, so I should get some sleep. Goodnight~

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