Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Piano playing is so pleasant~

I took a little time this afternoon to play on our large, upright piano. As the day was cloudy and somewhat gloomy, I found some cheerful pieces and soon my heart was happy again. :)

There's more to life than play though!

My dad cleaned grain again today (when it wasn't raining); my mom decided it was high time we cleaned out the lazy-susan that has all of our spices on it, so we washed all the containers off and refilled them before putting them back on the shelves; I ground up some more applesauce and made some of our favorite apple product: Apple Butter; and the boys worked on the square baler for a while and then got out the pressure washer and worked over an hour on cleaning the baler up. Now we're all back together again and, as it's family prayer time, I'd best sign off here.

Here's a closing thought from my daily flip-calendar...
"Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up."
James 4:10

And some beautiful music for a closing song~


Dilvin said...

Cora Beth,
I really like pictures like this. Thanks for sharing it. Good night!
I am a friend of amy, at acooker.blogspot ( that's how me and my sister found your blog,we really,really like it. we're always are checking for new posts! you are welcome to look at mine.)

Miss Jen said...

Cora Beth,
Yes indeed!!!! :)
Oh my.... I just LOVE
Anne's Theme Song!
Brings tears to my eyes!!!!

With Much Love~
Miss Jen

Dilvin said...

Hi Cora.
Yes it is very nice to meet others! Especially those who follow the same shepherd!

That is me milking the cow. Her name is Mocha.

I do not know how to speak or write in Hebrew,(I do know a few songs in it)
But I really like other languages. I wish I could learn every single one!

If you would like to see more pictures of our farm and family, you are welcome to go to my sister's blog at http://upnorthhannah.blogspot.com

I would very much enjoy to post some cheese recipes,tips, and techniques for you. I will inform you when I do.
Thank you.

My sister plays piano too.I play the fiddle and guitar

*~Virginia~* said...

I TOTALLY agree! :-) Piano always lifts up my spirit when i'm down as well! Its one of those pleasures in this world! :-)Keep it up!:-)