Sunday, September 20, 2009

Autumn busyness~

Fall is almost here...and then comes the "W" time of year! We still have so much to do before the cold settles in, but my family and I made a small dent in the work today...
Here are some of the things that got accomplished (told in a very random manner!)

My dad headed out for the hayfield right away this morning to bale, while the rest of us did our chores. Then we children got out the 3 rider mowers and got to some serious grass cutting!

Once lunch was over with, all of the guys headed out to the hay-fields around our farm to haul in all of the bales and to stack them. (They used tractors though... I just thought this picture was too cute not to use it here. :)

Meanwhile, mother and I were doing some laundry...

Part of my afternoon was spent in cutting up 3 gallons of apples for sauce and juice and making another batch of Freezer Tomato Sauce.

Once the bales were all stacked, the guys worked on putting a new floor in our small manure spreader until supper time. Oh, Andrew also put the new board on our teeter-totter, so now we can paint it--and use it!

After the apples and the tomatoes were cooking, I headed out to the garden--armed with a paper bag for collecting dill seed; an envelope for storing Calendula seed in; and a pail for hauling banana peppers to the house. While I was in the garden, I also picked one of our mystery squashes for our supper and 5 cobs of sweet corn. :)
A few minutes ago, I read this verse in my Bible and thought it applied nicely here: "Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger." ~Proverbs 19:15

As nobody around here is to keen on the idea of "Suffering hunger", we keep working! :) Still, I'm very grateful that God made a time each day when it's alright to be "Cast into a deep sleep," aren't you?


Rachel said...

Your family sure is busy this time of year! :) Glad you all could accomplish so much! :D Hope you have a blessed day!

Love and Hugs!

Dilvin said...

I like the cute pictures! Especially the ladies with laundry. I am glad you all enjoy working together with your hands the thing which is good. Keep it up!

Miss Jen said...

Oh my...
how delightful!!! :)
Sounds like you are happily busy!
Just love the vintage clip art... too CUTE!

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen