Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our doings--and an amazing video!

First thing, I'd like to share a movie with you that I just found... (I'll put it at the top here so that, if you wish, you can listen to it while you read about our day.) This gentleman is very talented--but as I don't want to spoil it for you, I'll just let you find out about him yourself. :)

(If it cuts half of the movie off the side, just click on the movie and it should come up correctly in a new window... )

(Yes, that's him singing all of the parts!!!)

This day seemed to slip by way too quickly... Where does the time always go? Well, let's see...

When we were about half way through with morning chores, my dad got a phone call from the local elevator. They were wondering if he could help haul some grain from one elevator to another, so he took off and was gone most of the day.

Once chores were finished, the rest of us chased the goats into a different pen and then we took down the panels around the out-door part of their pen. Mom and Jacob went to work on some projects then, while Andrew became a full-time tractor driver (emptying the manure spreaders onto the fields) and I became a manure-spreader-filler--using our nice 9030 loader tractor. We worked together until lunch time and then took a break. After our meal was over, Jacob went out to help Andrew.

Mom and I (later Jacob helped too) made 3 crock-pots worth of salsa. Mother did a little experiment to find out how hot our Jalapeno peppers are this year... She put a pepper--with seeds in tact, into one batch; she put 2 peppers--with the seeds out of them in another; and in the last, she put one un-seeded pepper in. Tonight, when she tried the super spicy batch, she said she thinks we'll think it's too hot! So, I guess those will be her salsa jars. :)

Our Kombucha was once again ready to be started, so that took about an hours worth of time...

I did a little more painting on the merry-go-round and Jacob measured and marked the teeter-totter board for where we should do the different colors...

All in all, it was a busy day once again.


Dawn said...

Oh Cora,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this incredible music with us! I love his voice(s) and I absolutely LOVE that song. Can you imagine that GOD WOULD DIE FOR US?
Thanks for your beautiful blog, dear daughter!
Love always,
PS. Thanks for all of your hard work to prepare for the shoot too! Now I just hope some people will come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah said...

Which batch was the spicy one? The 1 seeded, or 2 unseeded?
I LOVE super spicy salsa!
I think Grace put a pound of hot peppers in the salsa she made...I know that's alot, but it was a big batch (12 quarts).
Salty corn chips+super hot salsa=Yum and hiccups(so hot you hiccup)!

Maggie said...

Amazing video! Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed weekend!