Saturday, September 19, 2009


Sometimes change is exciting! Sometimes it's a little sad.
Today, I felt a change that is exciting and yet sad in a way... Let me explain:

The Dagley family needed the skid-steer back for a project they want to work on in the next couple of days, so we decided to all take it back today and visit with them a little while. So, after eating our noon meal at home, we all piled into Andrews' pickup (which he already had hooked up to the trailer,) and we headed West. The hour and a half journey seemed to go by very quickly, as we were listening to another of Dr. S. M. Davis's sermons--this time about true repentance, or as he calls it, "Godly repentance."

When we arrived at the Dagley home, Mom, Jacob & I headed for the house while Dad and Andrew unloaded the skid-steer.
We all spent a couple hours of visiting, singing, and looking at their garden and had a lovely time, but several times I found myself feeling sad....... Why? Because there were no longer any young people to visit with...
Things have changed so much in the Dagley home since we first got to know them 7 years ago! Jonathan's married to Jaidra; David's married to Susanna; Ben's busy helping neighbors with harvest; Amanda's away with her fiance James and his family; and Michael is helping his older brothers work on a ranch a ways South of us.
Time changes so much.... Really, it is as it should be--the children are starting families of their own now, but it's just......different. The house seemed so quite.

We headed for home around 6:00 and Mom and I took turns reading from "The Walrus Hunters" (by Ballantyne). I highly recommend his books, as they make for very interesting reading while you're learning about far away people and places. In the few books we've read, Ballantyne's always talked about God (and the heros always have great character), so we've come to like his books better than Henty books for that reason. I personally think that sometimes he's a bit too graphic--about the aspects of war and such, but I guess that is reality...
When Andrew stopped at Steele to fill the gas tank up, Mom posted a sign for the Appleseed Project in the gas station there.

We ended up doing chores in the dark tonight and, once they were done with, Mother popped some popcorn and I ground some of it up for popcorn cereal--one of our favorites! We watched a Bonanza episode while we ate our late supper; then had family prayer time and now it's family bed-time!


Hannah said...

The popcorn cereal sounds interesting. Is it just ground up popped corn? Or, do you add something to it?

Cora Beth said...

Good morning, Hannah,
Yes, popcorn cereal is just ground up popcorn! My mother grew up with it and now most of us enjoy it very much too. We like to add a little milk and honey to the cereal and then mix it up real well. Some of us prefer it thick and some like it thin, so everyone usually just mixes it in their own bowls the way they like it. :)

Miss Jen said...

What a beautiful post... :)
There is a Season indeed for everything! -Ecc. 3:1

Bless you dear sister!

Love in Christ~ Miss Jen

Anna said...

People change, don't they? The hard part is watching them change when we don't. Right now, many friends of mine are moving out/attending college/away, and I'm still here. *Sigh.* But everyone's time will come. :)

Dilvin said...

Dear Cora,
I know just how you feel.
Sometimes I just wish that My older sister could be here with me Just how it used to be.
Seasons come and seasons go. Deep within my heart I know, that there is one thing that lasts forever, and that is the love of God. It is deeper than the oceans. It is wider than the seas, there is nothing I want more in side of me. God has a plan and a purpose for everything!

Abiding in His great love,
~ Grace