Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poor, poor Leisle~

This was a sad day for me, as I decided to ask my dad to put my milk cow, Leisle down, as she was in so much pain and misery... You may remember that she calved about 3 weeks ago and had twins, but we had to pull the one calf as it was backwards. Well, after that, she got a really bad infection. You may also remember that we took her up to the vet clinic one day a couple weeks ago and the veterinarian sold me a couple drugs to give to her in strong doses. She didn't improve very much even after that, and has now been off of feed for a several days. We tried hard to save her, but my dad thinks she must have been injured internally, as she just didn't respond to our efforts. So, I finally asked Dad to do the merciful thing..... I miss her a lot.... You really do get attached to an animal that you care for and interact with twice a day, every day.....

My brothers had a better day, thankfully. They went over this morning and helped our neighbor load up a trailer with corn shocks and then, later, drove the trailer to the Threshing Bee in Braddock (a town about 8 miles from here.) Then they drove one of Alan's (our neighbors') tractors through the old tractor parade. Later on, they helped run the corn husking machine (a big machine that's powered by a long, long belt that turns around on a special wheel that's on an old tractor.--My brothers would laugh at this description, I'm sure!) Anyway, they had a nice time... I don't think I mentioned that they did pretty much the same thing yesterday, so they were experienced corn-huskers today. :)

The house is quite already, as my dad is getting up very early (4:00AM) to drive truck, so everyone headed for bed. He has two loads of Organic grain (from two different farmers) that he wants to get hauled over to Casselton, and they want him to have the second one over there by 4:00PM, so he has to keep pushing through the day! I'm praying he can sleep very well now... Speaking of sleep, I realized now that I'm tired, so I'll post this and get to bed "Early." Goodnight~


Dilvin said...

Dear Cora,
I am so sorry,
I can really feel for you
This spring one of the kid's horns got infected,
The infection spread thru her body, and we had to put her down it was sad. she was a twin to the brown doe.

the corn shucking sounds fun!

May you have a wonderful day in the Lord!
His mercies are new every morning!


Cora Beth said...

Dear Grace~
Thank you for your kind words! How true it is that His mercies are new every day... I feel much better this morning, although I know I won't ever forget my cow.

Kimberly said...

So sorry about Leisle!! I, too, get very attached to animals. And it is the merciful thing to do for an animal when you know they aren't getting better and are suffering. I pray God's comfort for you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cora,
I know how hard it was for you to ask your papa to end Lesiel's suffering. We ALL tried so hard to help her to get well again. I can't ever recall praying so hard for an animal to recover unless it was for my all-time favorite goat, Rachel. After awhile, it was a blessing not to see her suffer anymore. However, if you can believe this, I still miss her!!!
I think that God gives us such special bonds with His animal kingdom at times to soften our hearts towards his human kingdom. Many times have I learned how to relate to a human by interacting with an animal or by watching the animals interact with each other. Not only do we care for the animals, then, but they add ever and ever so much to our lives. I believe that they come to love us too! Please don't feel, then, like anybody here expects you to forget her anytime soon. Give yourself time to grieve, my dear.
Love alawys,

Rachel said...

Aw, I am sorry about her having to be put down. :( I hope you will feel better soon dear friend! I am sure it's very hard right now for you. I'll be praying for you sweetie! :)

Blessings and Hugs!

Miss Jen said...

Dearest Cora Beth,
*hugs* May you be strengthened
by the Lord!!!!

Love~ Jen

Robin Fuehrer said...

Cora- I'm so sorry for you- I'm sure it was very hard to do even though it was the right thing.

This isn't the right place to post this but I'm hoping to get in contact with your family today so I put a message on your facebook hoping you checked in there tonight. I saw your blog and thought I'd try you here too:)