Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On cows; bread sticks; and apple cider vinegar~

Jacob & I went up to the pasture today to check on the cows. I grabbed the camera before we left and snapped a couple pictures of the cattle contentedly grazing...

...and we found some more cows up by the windmill when we went to check on their water supply.
This was a busy apple cuttin' day for me, and I got 2 batches of sauce/juice made. Then for supper, I decided to try the other recipe Mrs. Bartlett shared with us: Bread-sticks! They were very tasty and I'm sure we'll be making many more in the future, although I think I'll try making them with whole wheat next time.... Thank you so much for the recipe, Mrs. B!
I thought I'd share a link to a web-page I found that explains a couple ways of making apple-cider vinegar: (http://thehealthyeatingsite.com/apple-cider-vinegar-recipe/). The way we did it this time was how our good friend, Sarah makes her cider vinegar... We took a gallon of our home-made apple juice and added a cup of sugar to it; stirred it up good; covered it with a cloth to keep bugs out of it; put it in a dark place; and now we can forget about it for about a month---at which time it will have turned into vinegar! As I searched on-line for more information about making AC vinegar, I discovered that there are a variety of ways to make it, (some using wine-yeast,) but as long as this way works, I think we'll stick with it. :) Oh yes, Sarah said that you can stir the cider every once in a while if you'd like it to ferment faster and then it would be done within a couple of weeks.
My friend, Miranda called tonight and asked if she could bring her brother, Moses along with her, (and of course our answer was, "Yes!",) so now my brothers are really looking forward to Thursday too. Not that they don't like visiting with Miranda, but I'm sure Moses will talk more about the kinds of things guys are interested in than Miranda will. :)
Well, as it's almost family prayer time, I'd best sign off.
Sweet dreams~


Rachel said...

Hmm, wow, very interesting! :) I didn't know that's how it was made! :D Neat! Thank you for sharing that!

Oh. Yum. Those bread-sticks look soooo good! I just love bread-sticks! :D


Kimberly said...

Thanks for telling us how to make apple cider vinegar. I always bought it from Azure. It does sound easy to make!

You are welcome to use my words about the comment button. Sometimes it is hard for us older ones to figure out how to do some of these things!!

Miss Jen said...

Oh my....
how delightful! :)
Those bread-sticks look simply scrumptious!!

Hope you have a blessed day,
dear Cora Beth!!!!

Love~Miss Jen