Monday, August 31, 2009

My favorite zoo pictures~

Andrew found a way to transfer the pictures from his phone to the computer today--even without the part he ordered! (He says he's still glad that he placed the order, as he'll have more storage capacity with the adapter, or whatever you call that thing...) Now I'm able to share my favorite zoo pictures with you. :) (Thanks for taking the neat photos, Andrew.)

This little prairie dog was so friendly that we were able to pet him! We observed that he preferred Cheerios over corn! We didn't pet this guy though....

....or this guy....
...or this guy!
It was so wonderful to be able to visit with the Geiger family as we walked through the zoo. Miranda and I got to visit quite a bit, so that was really special! Pictured below, from left to right, are: Moses G., Jacob, Miranda G., Micah G. (Miranda's little brother), Me, my dad, my mom, and our former neighbor, Terri G., whom we met there unexpectedly.
Molly Geiger was taking pictures for the sponsors of the free day at the zoo...
And one more picture... (left to right) Me, Morgan, Miranda, Molly (holding Micah), Mrs. Geiger and Mother.
What a fun day that was!
I'm really excited now because tonight I received a phone call from Miranda... She asked if she could come visit us on Thursday and spend the night, (I said yes!) so that brightened my day and gave me an unexpected pleasure to look forward to!
And now about our day~
My morning and afternoon were mainly spent in the kitchen, grinding up the tomato sauce; making 6 more quarts of sauerkraut with Jacob; getting the yogurt fermenting; and helping mother with cutting up apples for making apple-cider vinegar and also with getting the new batch of Kombucha going again. Oh, I was going to share the results of a little experiment I did... I had read on-line that, if you don't have a Kombucha mushroom (known as a SCOBY), you can just set out some Kombucha tea on the counter; cover it with a cloth; let it set; and it will form a new mushroom in a few days. Some people said this wouldn't work, so I thought I'd give it a try, even though we're not lacking in mushrooms by any means. The result of my experiment was a very thick, healthy looking mushroom!!! Mom and I used it in one of the jars of tea we started, so in 8-10 days, we'll know if it made good Kombucha or not. :)
Our guys were busy today as well... This morning, they moved our big tire-tank up to one of the cells in the pasture, as the tanks that were up there were small metal ones that were pretty beat up by the cows. After lunch, they worked on the hay-head (that goes on the tractor) for the rest of the afternoon--changing the sickle bars and putting new guards in, etc...
Tomorrow sounds like another full day, so I'd best sign off and get some rest. Goodnight everyone~


Kimberly said...

I would be interested in knowing how to make apple cider vinegar.

The day at the zoo looked fun. How exciting that your friend is coming this week.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful day it was together with our friends! Thanks for posting but I hope that you'll add the picture of your cute, little kombucha.

Rachel said...

Aww, that is the cutest prairie dog!!!! :D Soo glad you didn't pet the other's though! ;) Lol!

Wow! Sounds like you've been busy in the kitchen! I'm intrigued by the cider vinegar! I didn't know you could make that from home! :)

Blessings! And thanks for your sweet comments on our blog! :D

*~Virginia~* said...

wow, that sounds like so much fun! :-) I think me and some of my family members are to go to a corn maze on saturday, so hopefully that'll be as fun as your zoo trip! :-)
I'm glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

You must have a smart brother! We've been trying to transfer pictures forever. I would have never guessed that those pictures were from a cell phone.
And please keep writing about making kombucha! I haven't had so much luck with lacto-fermented stuff. Once I make a deadly jar of pickles...

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for commenting on my blog!
To answer your question-
The Fascinating Girl was written by Helen Andelin. The principles are the same as FW, except with advice especially for single women thrown in. The last third of the book is called "Strategy With Men" and is about how to 'win' a man.
When I got the book, I knew it was a "husband-hunting" book. Aware of that fact, I took what it said with a grain of salt. I don't need dozens of men "falling at my feet"- I just want one to marry! Despite all that, I still learned a lot more about relating to my brothers, and men in general. Having read the book, I hope I will be better able to avoid ending up an 'old maid'. :)