Monday, August 17, 2009

Precious memories~

Thinking back to Andrew's graduation day brings a smile to my face... It was a lovely day, filled with friends, food, and fun music. Oh yes, and my brother got a diploma that day too!

I thought I'd share some of the pictures that we got the other day from our friend and photographer, Mr. Kurszewski. It was so fun to look at the pictures and remember vividly that special day that occurred a little over two months ago...

Here are our guests~
Mother and I playing a piano duet:
My grandma Marly, reading a really neat poem about a farmer boy~

The Keister family~ (Lane was our pianist and Sarah sang a song during the afternoon program.)
The graduate and his big sister!

The evening entertainment:

I have several more pictures I'd like to share, but my computer is not cooperating very nicely tonight, so I guess I'll have to wait for another time to post those.
This was a cold and cloudy day here in ND... It almost felt like...oh, Mother won't like me to say that word, so I'll just say it didn't feel much like Summer!
Mom, Jacob and I donned jackets and went out to work in the garden for a little while this afternoon. Mother pulled weeds; Jacob and I picked green beans; and then I picked up the green apples that had fallen off of our trees today (from the wind) and went in the house to read about making fruit pectin from sour, green apples... Has anyone ever tried this before and do you have any advice for me as to how to use the pectin for making jam? Also, do you know if it would set up right using honey instead of sugar? I have the pectin made now, or, at least I did all that I could do with it today, as it has to sit and drain overnight. It will be fun to experiment with it and see how it compares to store-bought pectin!
I'd like to thank everyone who's been praying for our neighbor lady, Gladys (who had a stroke on Friday.) She is now at home as the doctors said she was making very fine progress and could return. Mother and I plan on going to visit her this week sometime and to take her some garden produce... We're just so glad that she's doing so well!!!
Well, it's late once again, so I'd best post this and hurry on my way to dreamland~

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