Friday, August 7, 2009

Old and new news~

A nice trucker came yesterday (his name was Robert, which may have helped us to like him!) and loaded up our last load of oats. I think the oats goes first to a grain-cleaning place in MN and then gets shipped to Iowa for milling. It is so nice to have that out of here so our bins are ready for the sunflowers--come harvest time! Now we just have to wait out the 30 days 'til we get paid...

When we were in Bismarck on Wednesday, Mother bought 3 packages like this of cherries. Yesterday, she asked me to can some of them, so these are the results of my labors: These few jars won't take us through Winter by any means, but it's a start. :)
I decided to try a new recipe for dessert for supper tonight. It's called "Blueberry Crumb Cake" and it's very delicious.
You just add this:

to this:
and you get this:
After "This" has spent a little time in the oven, you end up with a very tasty dessert. If anybody would like the recipe in more detail, just let me know... :)
We got our house put back in order once again and got lots of food prepared, so we're ready for a nice restful day tomorrow.
Oh, one more thing I was going to mention is that the guys went to town and bought some supplies for making our swings, so I'm really getting excited that this idea (that's been in the dreaming stage for a very LONG time) is actually becoming a reality! Hooray!!!


Miss Jen said...

Oh... everything looks wonderful!
Isn't canning fun?!

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

Cora Beth said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog, Miss Jen!

Yes, canning is very rewarding. Freezing things would sometimes be much easier, but one only has so much freezer space!

Many blessings to you~

*~Virginia~* said...

LOL, I hear you Cora, we have Three Chest Freezers, Two upright freezers, and two huge walk-in refigerators. And we STILL don't have enough space!!!!::P