Friday, August 28, 2009

An embarrassing moment...

After morning chores, my dad, brothers and I went over to the hay field to finish up with the bales. Everything was going well and I was getting excited to be almost done with my bumpy job. Then------I embarrassed myself------on my second to last load of bales!!! It happened like this:

My dad had been loading my truck up and had 8 bales on already, but for some reason, I thought that there were already 9 bales on my load. Consequently, after he put what I thought was the 10th bale on, (but which was really only the 9th), I shifted into gear and took off--leaving papa with a bale stuck between his "Teeth". OOPS!!! My family and I've been laughing about it off and on throughout the rest of the day (and of course I've been getting teased about my counting abilities), and they were wondering if I was going to post about my mistake... At first I said, "No", but I've decided that it would be a good little lesson in humility to tell you of my absent-mindedness, so, there you have it. :)

We did eventually get everything finished over there and got all the tractors and trucks brought back home. Plus, we got the house cleaned real nice and some delicious chicken and apple crisp prepared, so it was a good day.

It is so nice to have our boys back with us this weekend--swinging on the swings with us; singing and whistling in the barn with me; and telling funny stories back and forth... Sleep well, brothers~ (and everyone else!)


Rachel said...

Ha Ha! Ahhh, well I can relate to that! Lol! I can be sooo absent minded sometimes! I can't remember any stories to tell you (Jessica would remember some though Lol!) because I tend to forget things that were uncomfortable or embarrassing. =;) Lol! Thank you for sharing though! =:D

Love and Hugs!

*~Virginia~* said...

hey, I do stuff like that EVERY day!!! :-) Its funny to look back at though! :-)