Sunday, August 30, 2009

A day at the zoo (and with friends too~)

This day turned out to be a wonderful, wonderful day!!! We actually had no plans for the day as of this morning, but there was some talk of getting out and about and "Doing something." While we children were out in the barn starting chores this morning, my parents were talking over some possibilities for places we could go and then decided to call up our friends, the Geigers to see if they would be at home so we could visit them. It turned out that the Geigers were headed to the Bismarck zoo this afternoon, as it was the zoo's annual free admittance day, so they invited us to meet them there around 3:00 and to spend the afternoon together. Dad and Mom also wanted to take our family out to eat at the Golden Corral, so the plans for our day just fell into place. Of course, when Mother brought up this plan to us 3 out in the barn, it didn't take long for us to make up our minds if we would like to spend our day in this manner or not. :)

To make a long and happy story short, (because it's very late!) we all piled into Andrew's new pickup; listened to a Dr. Davis tape on the way to Bismarck; we had a delicious meal at the Golden Corral; spent several happy hours together with most of the Geiger family at the zoo; and then went to the Geiger's house for supper and visited for longer than we should have once again! It was a really special time though, so doing chores in the dark was worth it...

Miranda and I even got to run a few errands together in town and then got to visit all the way out to their place, so that was really special.
All in all, it was a wonderful day (in case I haven't mentioned that before!)

One sad part, though, was that we all forgot to grab a camera, so we don't have any pictures to post here... Andrew did take some pictures with his cell-phone, but until he buys some sort of an adapter, we can't put the pictures on the computer and consequently I can't post them here.~

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