Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dreams do come true...

As we put the ropes on our swing set tonight in the dark, it made me realize that our long-time dream of having a family-sized swing-set will come true!!! We have pretty much everything put together now and are just waiting for morning to set the poles in the ground. That will be quite a procedure, I think, as the loaders on our tractors don't go up near as high as the poles do... If you read this before Wednesday noon, would you please say a quick prayer for safety for us, as well as for the "Set"--and that all would go smoothly? Thanks so much!

I worked on painting the boards for our swings today. We decided to paint them colors that are found in a rainbow, so we now have a red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple board/seat. I'll have to finish the back sides of the boards tomorrow--when the paint is dry.

Our organic inspector came today and that went really well. She pointed out a few points for thought that neither of the other inspectors we've had before thought to mention, like: We need to let our power company know that, if they ever need to replace poles on our organic land, the posts can not be treated with Creosote. It's a good feeling to know that we are doing what we ought to be doing. :)

This morning, my former music-teacher, Lane stopped in on his way back home from picking up their Azure order. I know I posted one of his songs before, but I thought I'd post another one for the sake of my new readers... Enjoy! (Are you reading this this time, Lane? :) )

Now I'd best get to bed, as tomorrow is sure to be another long day!

Resting in God's peace~


Rachel said...

praying for you all! =:) I can't wait to see it all completed! it should look great! =:D


Anonymous said...

I didn't miss this one! :-)

Anonymous said...

That piano video is so cool! I didn't know you could play somebody's name. I'll have to try that sometime.