Friday, August 7, 2009

Something to make you smile~

"The woodpecker may have to go!"


Rachel said...

Ha Ha! That's funny! Thanks for sharing that Cora! =:D Lol! I wouldn't want to be on a boat like that with all those holes in it! =;)


Rachel said...

I had a question for you...have you ever tried using fondant for your cakes (either as an accent or covering the whole thing, etc.)? I was just curious! =;)

Blessings in Christ!

Cora Beth said...

Yes, Rachel, I have "Tried" using fondant--twice. The first time, I made the basic fondant recipe from the Wilton book... It took a lot of time and, when I finally got it on the cake, it looked like leather! It had wrinkles in it that I couldn't get out and, well, I was not impressed. Thankfully that was just an experimental cake and my family didn't really mind how it looked. :)

My 2nd attempt turned out a lot better... My neighbor friend shared a recipe with me for Marshmallow Fondant (you can find the recipe by just searching Google for it-- has one with pictures...). That turned out a lot better, as the fondant was much more pliable AND tasty! I think I used that recipe to cover a whole cake. Anyway, I'd recommend the MMF over the other kind any day, if you want to give it a try!!!--Or have you tried some kinds before?

*~Virginia~* said...

haha, that picture is so cute, I love it!:-)