Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Busy day, once again~

Before I tell you a bit about our day, I have one more blog to add to my list of places you can see pictures of the Appleseed Shoot. :) You can visit Mrs. Bartlett's blog here: http://ndwoodhauler.blogspot.com/.

After chores this morning, my dad and Andrew went up to the pasture to move the cows to their new cell. In the meantime, Mother and I took some flowering broccoli over to the goats and then Jacob and I picked our first chokecherries of the season. We had half a gallon picked when Mother called me and told me that I needed to take some medicine, a syringe and a lariat up to the pasture, as there were 2 calves that needed shots. Jacob agreed to fill up our gallon container the rest of the way, so I left him and headed for the barn to pick up the required items. Then I grabbed a gas can (just in case) and hopped into the Ram (the vehicle we use up in the pasture) and started it up. I was just going to put it into gear when it chug chugged and died. "OK, I guess I will have to put some gas in right away!" To make a long story short, I put gas in the Ram and made it up to the pasture in good time. The guys and I worked together to catch the calves and gave them their shots, then we all returned home for our lunch. After eating, my dad fixed something on the grain-cleaner and then headed out to clean some grain for a new customer. He was gone pretty much the rest of the day.

We 3 younger Bornemanns headed over to the hayfield (about 16 miles away) to stack the large square bales there. My brothers stacked the hay and loaded the hay on the white truck and I drove the truck around the field and went and dumped it when I had 10 bales on. We got a lot done, but then had to come back for chores about 7:30... It sounds like our dad will be able to help with stacking tomorrow, so either Jacob or I will not have to go over.

Mother cleaned up the kitchen while we were gone and made a very delicious supper--the main dish being "Cheddar Cheese Broccoli Bake". This was one of Mom's favorite dishes growing up, but it's a lot of work to make it from scratch, so we haven't had any for a long time! It was well worth the wait...

Tomorrow's sure to be another long day, so I'd best sign off.

May God be with you all in, well, whatever you find yourself doing!


Miss Jen said...

Yum... that Cheddar Cheese Broccoli
Bake sounds good!!

Love~ Miss Jen

Miss Jen said...

Would you mind sharing the recipe?!

Rachel said...

Wow! Life sure is busy on a farm! =;) Thanks for this insight into your life! Being a city girl (but country in my heart), it's nice to hear about all the giong on's about farm life! =:D I am glad you all had such a productive day! =:) Hope all goes well for you today as well!

Love and Hugs and Blessings!

Cora Beth said...

Miss Jen~
I will do my best to share the recipe when I have the time to. :) It really is a delicious dish!

Yes, farm life is far from dull! Today turned out productive once again, although I'm so glad that it's bedtime now...

Thank you both for being such faithful commenters (if that's a word!)

Love and blessings from sisters like you brightens my days even more~