Sunday, August 23, 2009

A mostly quite day~

From 2:00 on this afternoon, our day was restful and peaceful... My parents and I sang a few hymns together; listened to a Dr. Davis cassette (called, "Are you a giver or a taker?") and discussed it for a while; popped some popcorn and made popcorn cereal and then watched a movie.

12:30 this afternoon however found my dad and I up at the vet clinic with my milk cow, Leisle. (You may remember that she calved several days ago, but had difficulty with the birth of her 2nd calf...) She developed an infection and this morning, we realized that what we were doing for her was not enough and that she was going downhill pretty fast. She wouldn't eat anything and only drank about a gallon of the water I gave her, so we decided to take her up to Steele. The vets there doctored her up good and pumped a lot of water and electrolytes into her, and by this evening at chores time, she was eating some grain and her ears weren't drooping as badly as they were this morning. I am SO glad!!! The vet said that we still need to give her strong doses of Penicillin twice a day for a few days though--to help her fight the infection. I have hopes now that, with her medicine and some more prayers, she'll pull through...

My parents talked to Andrew this afternoon and it sounded like he and Jacob are both having a great time. We're hoping that they're remembering to take at least a few pictures, although I imagine the Bartletts will have great pictures on their blogs too, after all the excitement is over with. :)

Oh my, it is already tomorrow~ Have a great week everyone!

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Miss Jen said...

What a lovely restful day!! :)
Hope you have a great beginning
of the week!

Love~ Miss Jen