Friday, August 14, 2009

A "New" tractor; more swing pictures; and a prayer request~

This was a really exciting day on the farm (especially for the guys!), as my dad decided to trade in one of our swathers for another 9030 loader tractor!!! The tractor was on the lot of our local Titan dealership down in Kintyre (1 1/2 miles away), so we didn't have far to go to pick it up! The paperwork was finished by mid-afternoon and my dad and the boys went and got the tractor and put it to use right away....

While the guys were down getting the tractor, they got a lot of teasing about our "Huge" swing-set... It is so nice to be a part of the community here!
Andrew, Jacob & I worked a little more on our swings this afternoon, as the ends of the rope were still long and uneven under the boards. We had wanted to use the swings for a while to see if we had to re-adjust the knots (to lower or raise the swings,) before cutting the ropes off and melting the ends. As we have them where we want them now, I re-wrapped the wire up high under the board (right under the knot), then Andrew cut off the extra rope as Jacob held the board for him. Next, Andrew took a small propane torch and melted the ends of the rope into a nice, big, plastic lump. It looks much nicer now--with the bottoms of the ropes being hid away somewhat!
Mother joined us on the swings for a little while...
Oh yes, the lawn needed mowing today too and, as Andrew was available to help us, we all mounted our mowers and got done in record time!
We were greatly saddened when our neighbor called us and told us that his wife, Gladys was in the hospital again, as she had a stroke this morning! She's in her 80s and I know she's had at least one stroke before, perhaps two, so we're burdened for her. I guess she's pretty numb... We were expecting her to drop in sometime this afternoon, as she wanted to buy some cabbage that we raised in our garden, so it really came as a shock to us when her husband called. Please, if you would, say a prayer for this dear lady. She's had a hard time of things lately~


Andrew B. said...

The tractor deal was in the making for a couple of days, it was just finalized yesterday. :-)

Got to go...

Cora Beth said...

Oh, good point! I guess I made it sound like everything happened in one day!

Rachel said...

Oh, well, who cares about those little details, right? =;) Lol! Your swing set looks like so much fun! I hope you and your family enjoy many happy hours on it! =:) I will be keeping your neighbor in prayer! =:(

I just found this contest on one of the blogs I like to follow for cake decorating/baking and thought maybe you'd like to enter! There are a lot of great prizes! =:D

Thank you for your loooong comment on our blog! I so appreciated it! I hope to leave you a reply sometime today or early this week maybe when i get the chance. =:)

Love and Hugs!