Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Keeping the home fires burning--so to speak~

My family left for Bismarck right after chores this morning, so I had the whole farm to myself for most of the day, which I really enjoyed! Sometimes it's just nice to be by yourself and have peace and quite all around, minus the animal noises, of course. I made some noise of my own for a little while... I had the pleasure of playing piano--without the soft pedal pushed down. :)

I did get some work done too... I sprayed the organic Sonic Bloom nutrients on our garden again; baked bread; made my dad's favorite Crumb Cake; shelled a bunch of beans for planting next year; did a little laundry; made Sloppy Joes for supper; and straightened the house up a bit.

When my family returned at 8:00, we ate a hurried meal and headed out to the barn. It was quite dark by the time we were finished, so it's becoming obvious that the days are getting shorter. How sad!

Once the van was unloaded, our kitchen was filled with my family's treasures that they purchased in town: My dad bought a large solar-powered electric fencer and more fencing supplies... Mother found some neat sheet music at a thrift store and bought some fruit-flavored teas to try adding to our Kombucha to make it taste better... Andrew bought some things for his pickup and now has the license plates for it too, so he's pretty happy... Jacob just had fun going to the junk yard; Eegers Electric; the farm store; Sams and everywhere else. :)

Well, that was a quick overview of our day. I really enjoyed my quite day, but it was also so nice to have everyone return and to get back to the usual hustle and bustle of being part of a family!

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Kimberly said...

A day alone can be good once in awhile! I like your description about playing the piano!