Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A cattle day and an early birthday present...

My mom and Jacob needed to go to Bismarck today for appointments (Chiropractic, Natropathic, and such...), so they were gone most of the day.

Meanwhile, here on the farm, my dad, Andrew and I spent almost all day moving cows and bulls around and then getting all the cows and calves in a pen and sorting off my calves (and then Andrew hauled them to the sales barn) so I can sell them tomorrow. It was a big job for 3 people, but we had the Lord on our side and things really went pretty well--other than 1 calf escaping from us 2 times by jumping into a wooden feed-bunk and then going over the fence! Now I'm praying for a good price tomorrow!!! Thankfully, the prices have been going up recently...
When my mom and Jacob returned home, they had a surprise for me (and Lady)--an early birthday present! It was:

a really soft, reversible dog bed (from Mom) and some neat, chicken-scented chew toys for Lady (from Jacob). She's having fun playing with them now!It was a good day (although I hear some mama cows who might disagree with me--on account of them having lost their babies...)


Kimberly said...

That looks like a nice doggie bed! I pray you will get a good price today. God bless you, Cora.

Kyrie said...

Sounds like you really got your excersize! ;) Sounds like fun too though! Hope you got a good price for your calves!!



Rachel said...

oh, Lady looks adorable! What a nice bed for her :)

I see that your family, like mine also prefers the 'natural healing' way. We've also been to the chiropractor, naturapath this past week or so. :)

God bless!