Friday, February 19, 2010

Guessing time extended!

Dear friends~

Thank you for your guesses! So far though, nobody has guessed correctly what the last mystery picture is, SO, I've decided to give you another day to guess and will post the answer tomorrow night...

I've added a picture here of the same item--taken from further back, to make it, perhaps, a little easier?
I'll give you a hint too:
"This is not something that most people would have on hand in this quantity, but is something that anyone can purchase at their local Mac's store if desired."

Outside of that, would you please pray for us, as certain members of my family are going to bed with upset stomachs tonight... Never fun! Thanks so much~


Robert said...

Is it wire.

Hannah said...

my brother Nathanael thinks it is some kind of cables.
I'll be writing my guess sometime latter!

Morse Family said...

Hello Cora1!

Just a guess of course but I think it might be record?!?! But at a mac store.....I'm not quite sure....

Hope everyone feels better!

Have a blessed weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Large metal pipe? Don't know the official name of what I'm thinking of, but you see it on constructions sites regularly. Just a wild guess!

Lulu said...

Duct tape!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cora,

Thanks for commenting on my families blog! I've been following your blog for quite a while and have seen a lot of the cakes that you have made! (I am the 'girl' who decorates cakes - And I think it's neat that you post 'mystery' pictures! It's very fun!

My guess would be (even though I'm thinking it's not right!) It looks like a roll of glue. We used it to glue the pieces of tin together on my brothers new house. :)

Sarah G.

Hannah said...

Wow Cora, very stumped am I =D.
I am pretty sure it is wire. What kind of wire? Here are a few guesses (laugh at me if you want):
~Speaker Wire?
I am assuming by saying a mac store that you mean a store where they sell macs and other apple products, but I don't know if there is another store called "Mac" that I don't know about. So, I found this on-line and I have no idea exactly what it is, but could it be:
~Mar-Mac Wire?
I am thinking your mystery picture has something to do with computers and such, and I don't think mar-mac wire has anything to do with computers but I thought I'd write that guess anyway =D!
I can't wait to see exactly what it is!!
If I think of anything else I'll comment again!

Hannah said...

Hey Cora,
Might this have something to do with Andrew's mystery sound?? I don't know what the sound is, but it almost sounds like an electric banjo- is there such a thing???
We'll see tonight! Can't wait- you have the curious part of me very interested (I am a very curious person =)!!! If I can't figure something out, I try and try to find out the answer until I find it out =D

Hannah said...

Dear Cora,
I hope you have a good rest tonight. I don't know if you are one of the ones with an up set stomach, but I am praying for you!

Cora Beth said...

What great guesses everyone!!!

I just thought I'd let you know that, around here anyway, Mac's is a large hardware store, full of all kinds of useful items. I can see where you'd think it was a computer place though! :)

Andrew B. said...

This would have been very hard, except I already knew what it was. :-) There were a lot of good guesses though!
I can see where some of you thought "Mac's" was a computer store... Actually, it is a large hardware/tool store. Check it out here:
Just for the record, I am not a Mac guy anyway, although I do have an iPod...
Andrew B.