Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm thrilled... have received so many guesses on this picture!!! What great imaginations you all have--in seeing so many things in that one picture--things that all made sense to me once looking at it from another angle. :)

But, alas, nobody guessed what the mystery picture really is of, so I shall tell you now...

"It" is:

A giant, 50 yard roll of the loop-side of Velcro!

Yes, I agree, that one was hard!

Why do we need 50 yards of Velcro, you may be asking? Well, Andrew needed to replace the thick material that went around his gravity cleaner on his grain cleaning rig. This piece of fabric is held on by Velcro, so when he purchased some new, heavy material (it's kind of like cover-all material), he also needed to buy a lot of Velcro to go around the edges.
As he helped me by hauling my calves into town, I've agreed to help him by sewing the 48 or so yards of Velcro onto the fabric. I have the piece in this picture mostly finished now, (I also sewed Velcro onto the opposite side of the fabric) but have another just like it to go yet, plus another smaller piece. My machine was giving me a little trouble until Andrew adjusted the tension way down and now it doesn't break the thread any more. :) It does take an awful lot of bobbin-refills though!

This job also required very heavy thread, which Andrew bought a large spool of...

In order for us to fill the bobbins and a smaller, empty spool that would fit in my machine, Andrew designed some Lego contraptions to aid us. But, it's late once again, so I'll have to talk about that more another time.

For the present, I'd like to thank each of you who guessed on this mystery picture! It was so fun to see your ideas and to share them with my family...



Hannah said...

Wow, I made some wild guesses there =D! I would have never thought of guessing velcro!!

Rachel said...

Wow, Cora that was a lot of velcro to sew!!

I didn't get to guess on the mystery picture, but definitely wouldn't have guessed correctly! :)

By the way, I enjoyed going through your tag post - I had a good chuckle at some of your answers. :)

God bless
lots of love,

Rachel said...

I never would have guessed it! ;) HaHa! That's quite a bit of velcro! :O Such a sweet sister though to help him out! :) And such a nice brother to build you a lego contraption to aid you in your sewing! :D Brother's are awesome! ;)

My brother (Nathan) has done that for me...he built me a cookbook holder for my I have a hard time keeping my place when I'm using a large cookbook especially while I'm coking (used to lay things on top of the page to hold it in place!) Lol! He made it with 2 different "holders" over the front to keep it in place, one for a large book and one for a small book. ;) Such a sweetie! :) I still use it too! :D

Love and Hugs to you my dear! :D Hope you had a blessed Sunday with your family! :D


Rachel said...

Cora, I also wanted to ask you two things...

First, I see the YLCF button on your sidebar, and since we are looking for "sister sites" for the Meditations of His Love blog Jess and I are writer's of, I wanted to ask you about how you like it. :) I know of it, but I don't follow it. So I wanted to know if you do actually read it and what you enjoy about it. Also, do you find that it is an appropriate site for all ages? Or do you enjoy just some of the articles they write as they are not ALL appropriate you find? :) Is there a certain "age" they seem to write for? I'm just asking as we have to be VERY careful about what we're going to "recommend" on the the blog, because there are girls of all ages and backgrounds, so we want to be careful. ;) I thought I'd get an "inside scoop" from someone I know well and see how you like it. :)

Okay, second, I wanted to know if you would have time this week to answer say about 10 questions (give or take a couple) about being a homemaker for me for my upcoming "Homemaker of the Month"! :) I wanted to ask my mom, but she's a little busy right now, and she has a tooth that's really bothering she won't have time to answer any questions for me. I would need to post your "interview" on (or about) march 2, so I'd need it before that. If you can't do it now, that's very understandable ...and I'm sorry for the short notice. :( I'll definitely ask you again though, so if you can't do it now, that's okay. ;) Like I said, I understand. :) Anyway, let me know so I can get to work on the questions as soon as possible for you dear okay. :) Thanks! Love and Hugs! :D

Hope you have a blessed day dear friend! :D


Hannah said...

Good Night Cora!
See ya in nod!

Cora Beth said...

Thank you all for your very sweet comments once again!!! You brighten my days greatly. :)

Rachel P~
I've been a reader of Young Ladies Christian Fellowship for probably 4 years already and it has been a real blessing in my life... When the authors first started writing, most of them were single and they wrote a lot about the same things you and I struggle with in our daily lives. Now most of them have married and I find that their focus has changed a little in that they write a lot about the struggels in their lives now--which is only natural. However, they often write posts that are to encourage the single young woman also, and do their best to balance that out. I've always been very blessed by their articles and can't remember a time when they wrote something that would be inappropriate for younger readers, so I would recommend them highly to you. They have a seperate link to articles they write just for married women (I've never been there :), and then they have a few pages full of really neat courtship stories as well. I'm not sure if you know of the Castleberry family (they write really neat books and are on my sidebar), but their oldest daughter also writes for YLCF--and she's single...

So, all that is to say that I'd recommend you looking the site over and seeing what you think of it--but I'd recommend it!

Now for your other question...

Thank you SOOO much for thinking of me in your Homemaker of the Month interview!!!! I would love to answer some questions and think I'll have the time to do it before March 2nd. :) You're so sweet!!! I've thought about doing interviews on my blog and, if I ever do decide to, you will definitely be one of the first ones in the spotlight, so to speak! :)

But now, I'd best scurry out to the barn. Everyone has slept in a bit this morning after our fun day yesterday...

I'm praying for all to well at the Dr.s office today and for your mother's toothache to go away. Ouch!

With lots of love,

Rachel said...

Thanks Cora for your lovely reply dear! :D And thank you for your thoughtfulness and for your prayers! :)

Oh, yes, I LOVE the Castleberry books! :D They were/are of great encouragement to me! :D And we have based our courtship ideas greatly off of their books! :D I didn't know she wrote on a blog! :D I'll definitely be checking it out closer now! ;) HeHe! It does indeed sound like a wonderful site, and we do have some older married and mom followers as well as older young ladies on MOHL, so I'm sure that will fit in just fine with what we had in mind. :) Thank you for your very helpful assessment dear! I appreciate it! :D

I'll get the questions about the "HH of the month" to you as soon as I can okay. ;) I'll try to either tonight or tomorrow morning so you have time to work on it. ;) Thank you for doing this for me dear! :) I can't wait to read your answers! :D

I hope your day is blessed! :D
Lot's and Lot's of Love and Hugs! :D