Monday, February 15, 2010

Seven children~

Reverend Mother: " There's seven children, Maria..."
Maria: "SEVEN!!!!"
Reverend Mother: "But Maria, you like children!"
Maria: "Yes, I know, but,----SEVEN!!"

Today, I had charge of seven children, age 5 and under--and all went well! :) The Daycare lady I help needed to go to town all day with her husband for doctors' appointments and asked me to come care for the children. We had a great time, reading; playing games; doing puzzles; eating; napping (they did, not I); singing; and just living.

Here I am with 2 of the little girls--Jada in pink and Lily--who's trying to get me to stand up and swing her around again: (A 4 year old boy took this picture and I thought he did a pretty good job...)

I thought I'd mention that my family and I weren't able to go to the movie (No Greater Love) after all, as the pastor's wife called us and told us they had to postpone it, due to getting 7 inches of snow the day before and not being able to get in the little town of Alfred. We were disappointed, but then spent the day together watching the Olympics, so that was really neat. I hope we're still able to see the movie when they play it, but until then, I guess I can't give you my opinion on it. :)

Be blessed and have a good rest,



Hannah said...

Awe! That is a sweet picture! I am sure you had alot of fun with all those sweet little children!

Kyrie said...

Wow! Sounds like a handful! Glad it went good!