Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Olympics~

I was a little girl the last time we watched the Olympics, so none of us children really remembered what it was like, but our parents thought we'd find it interesting...

So, Andrew got up early this morning to do some wiring so he could hook up his computer/TV screen to an antenna cable thing and get TV coverage of the Olympics. We won't normally have TV in our house (and we turn it off every time the commercials come on!), but this way we can watch the parts of the Olympics that we wish to see without having to wait for much slower Internet streaming. :) What we watched today was pretty amazing... Now I'm especially looking forward to the team figure-skating!

Are any of you watching the Olympics this year?


Stephanie said...

I'm watching! I can't wait for the snowboarding and the figure skating! =D

Rachel said...

We love it too! :D We watch a lot of the sports, but we look forward to the figure skating, sped skating, snowboarding, and bobsled. :) We watched the pairs figure skating last night..really enjoyed it! :D

So, what have you been watching and looking forward to Cora? :)

Love and Hugs dear friend!

Cora Beth said...

It was good to hear from you, Stephanie!!!

Actually, the whole Olympics is amazing to me, as I knew so very little about what kinds of things they do there. (I'm not into sports, as you can now tell, I'm sure!) I was very much looking forward to the figure skating and was so amazed by what they do (although I wish the ladies wore something a bit more modest--a lot bit!) :) The ski jumping has been realing amazing to me and, well, just everything is!
Thank you for your sweet comments always!
Love and hugs,

Rachel said...

Yeah, I prefer to "watch" then do myself. ;) Lol! I'm not into sports, but I enjoy watching the Olympics. :)

Yes, its unfortunate that the ladies have to wear such immodest outfits. :( I don't like that either, and that has been my opinion since I was a young girl before we switched to dresses only! ;) HeHe! Oh well, I know they can't wear too much longer of skirts anyway as it would get tangled up in their legs and they wouldn't be able to spin properly. ;) That might be why I like watching the men more I think...although the gracefulness of the ladies is greatly to be admired. ;) Can't wait for the speed skating tonight though! Yeah! :D

Yes, I enjoy the ski jumping as well, it's amazing how they can keep their balance in the air like that! :D

Well, I hope you will enjoy more of your watching! :D Have a Blessed Day dear friend!

Love and HUGS!!! :D