Thursday, February 11, 2010

A gift--and a mystery picture!

I was working on something in my bedroom this afternoon when I heard a knock on the entryway door... It was a neighbor (well, they live about 8 miles from us, but we still call them neighbors!) with a gift for me from his wife: 2 pretty dresses that she'd outgrown; a blue blouse and some books she thought I might enjoy. I was so very pleased--mostly about the dresses!!!
Here's a picture of the embroidery and the soft, velvety collar on the blue dress:
And here's a picture of my favorite of the two--the pretty green dress.
I've read in Fascinating Womanhood that denims and corduroy are not considered very feminine fabrics, (the blue dress happens to be a light denim and the green is corduroy,) but I'm hoping that the embroidered flowers will help to negate the more masculine type of fabric... :) What do you think?
Before I head for bed tonight, I want to share another mystery picture that I took today... It's probably going to be an easy one for most of you, but I thought I'd give it a try.
What is---this?

I'll wait to post your comments until tomorrow evening if they contain guesses. :)

Sweet dreams~ and may God bless you all as you daily seek out His will for your lives!


Hannah said...

Nice dresses! No, I think they are very feminine. And I don't see why denim and corduroy would be masculine, they are two of my favorite fabrics =D!!
As far as the mystery picture, Grace guessed it first and I could not figure it out so she told me to stare at it really long and try to think of what it could be, so I did and I (and Grace) both think that it is sprouts on potatoes- are we right?

Grace typing:
Apple crostata is made by rolling out pastry dough out into a large circle and putting the same apple filling for apple pie in the middle. Then fold the dough around the apples (like one of those little spiral coin wallets). I hope that made sense!

The dresses are very nice I don't think that they are manly AT ALL! I like denim and corduroy. I wonder why someone would think them not very feminine.

I really like the green one. I have two denim dresses that I wear all the time. you have probably seen pictures of me wearing them on the blogs. They are my favorite ones to work in.
Well I better get to bed now.
good night
your friend

Andrew B. said...

Good Morning Cora,
I like your new dresses! I don't think they are too masculine, at least I wouldn't wear them! :-)
The picture is growing potato eyes... It looks like something from another planet. :-)
Andrew B.

Tamera said...

Is it eyes growing out of potatoes?

Anonymous said...


The mystery picture looks like the growth on a potato.

Mary C.

Andrew said...

How about potato sprouts?


David said...

I guess it is potato sprouts?


*~Virginia~* said...

I used to love going through our potato bins and finding the longest Potato eyes!!!;-D They look very funky!:-D