Monday, February 8, 2010


It was once again a busy day... Are you shocked? :)

Dad and Andrew spent most of their time working on Andrew's grain cleaner. Mom taught Jacob his lessons and then did some sessions for some clients. As everyone else was busy, I got drafted to go to town to run some errands. As it was snowing (we got approximately 4 inches today and it's still snowing!), the visibility wasn't very good and there were pillow drifts across the road in many places. I was glad to finally return home, safe and sound!!!

I cleaned the van out a bit today and my mom ironed some warm shirts, as my dad is leaving early in the morning to go to the Northern Plains Sustainable Agricultural Society's annual convention (what we call the organic convention) in Watertown, SD. He's meeting up with "Dave"--a friend of ours in Wishek and they'll carpool the rest of the way to the convention. Dad originally planned to stay until Thursday, but now he has some trucking he agreed to do on Thursday, so he and Dave will be coming back late Wednesday night. I hope he has a truly wonderful time and learns a lot! We're currently praying for it to quit snowing and for the roads to be good, as it will be about a 4 hour drive...

After returning from town, and after getting a chicken in the oven and making our favorite Apple-Raisin-Cardamom stuffing, I had a little time to work on my quilt again and finished the rest of my heart blocks! Now I just need to figure out how to do a smaller heart block and the middle pattern for the quilt...

Tonight, while out at the barn, I noticed how pretty the back barn door looked with it's snow frosting and ran inside for my camera. :)

I also snapped a few other pictures as long as I had my camera with me:

The boys with their milk cows... (Look out for that tail, Jacob!)

Mom with her cow, Clara...

Millie--peaking out from her hiding place...

And our kid, Cosette, enjoying Andrew's hood string!

Such was life on the farm today!


Rachel said...

Hello Cora!

Gosh, another busy day - I don't think you ever have a dull day there! :)

I so enjoyed the barn photos.
I was just wondering what breed of dog Millie is?

God bless

Cora Beth said...

Dear Rachel~
It is very seldom that we have a dull day on our farm, which is nice, because life is always so interesting that way. :)

Millie is half German Shepherd and half Red Heeler. We wanted a dog who was part German Shepherd so she'd be a good watch dog, but so far, the only people Millie barks at when they come in the drive-way is us!

Have a wonderful day--what's left of it there.

May God bless you~
PS. I like your new profile picture!

Dilvîn said...

Hi Cora,
The quilt is so pretty! as you might remember those are my favorite flowers in the print!
Very nice farm pictures. The barn door one is pretty.
your kid has really grown! Oh It is going to be so fun when ours come! The first doe is due in the beginning of april so it's going to be awhile.
Thanks for the comment. I almost published it! But I will wait for tomorrow!
have a great day in Jesus! it's His day!

Kimberly said...

Cora, The pictures are so nice! Thanks for sharing them. I especially love the one your grandmother painted. Which grandmother did that? I like it when I get all my blocks finished and I can sew them together. I think that is my favorite part. You really see progress then. I loved the barn photos. I love animals. Millie looked so cute peeking around the corner. She really is a beautiful dog. God Bless you today.

Morse Family said...

Hello Cora!

Recently I made my first quilt! It was a little baby quilt though so it only took me a little over a week!! I just started another one though but am embroidering some of the squares with a star theme!! The colors you are using for your quilt are beautiful!! I like the hearts a lot too...I'll have to try them!!

We've really enjoyed keeping up with your blog!

God bless you and your family!!

Sempre Reformanda,


Jessica said...

Thank you Cora, I'm glad you like my new profile pic. :)

I had to laugh about Millie so far only barking at you and the family when you come in the gate:D But I'm sure she be a good watchdog if the need ever arises. :)

God bless
Love, Rachel*

Miss Jen said...

Awww~ beautiful farm life.
*sigh* Your quilting is simply
beautiful.... isn't sewing the best?

Love Always~ Miss Jen