Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lady's not tired....

When Lady's in the house, she usually crawls in her bed or stretches out on the carpet and takes a nap, but right now she's not very anxious to sleep, as she hears Millie barking outside--probably at some coyotes. It's hard to believe that I've had her a month already!!!

It was a good and busy day for our family. Here's a quick update before I head off to dream-land...

My dad was able to haul two loads of hay home and loaded grain for a farmer down by Strasburg besides.

This afternoon, Mother had a booth for her business at the Napoleon benefit get-together (the money went to the nursing home) and came home with an angel food cake that a friend had given her. :)

The boys helped me get the house back in some kind of order and we played a few of the new games we got from Grandma yesterday. Andrew also tried to get Mom's sewing machine working so I could try it to see if it sews 4 layers of fabric and 2 layers of Velcro together any better than my machine does, but it didn't... Thankfully, I have all the long pieces of Velcro sewn on and just have the ends to finish now. ........And I've only broken one needle!


Cora said...

Do you have a bigger needle that you could use in the sewing machine? And does your machine allow you to run it by hand (with a side wheel)? Sometimes taking it a little slower helps the machine punch through thick fabric.

Have a blessed day!

P.S. I saw a comment you left on Anna's (Damsel in Distress) blog and decided to come meet this other Cora. :)

Cora Beth said...

Hello Cora!
Glad to meet you (even if your real name isn't Cora, I'm glad to know you like the name so much that you choose it as your pen-name. :) )

My mom did bring home some large-holed needles last Wednesday, but it was one of those that I broke! My machine does have a side wheel and I've tried using that... It works for a while, and then one of the plys of the thread would break and I'd have to rethread again. I'm using very heavy thread--designed for apholstery and such, so I'm surprised actually that it's giving me such troubles... I've adjusted the thread tension way down too. Have any other suggestions? :)

Cora said...

Cora is my middle name, but I've used it as a pen name/screen name/username so many times that it might as well be my first name. I'd answer to it just as quick as my first name! ;-)

Hurm... That would be when I'd break out a hand needle and do it that way. I'm assuming you were using a new needle, so the tearing of thread has to be the material's fault. Usually I would blame an old needle with a snag in the eye.

If you hand sew it (I just realized I don't know what you're making!), you might run bees wax down the thread to make it stronger and slip through the fabric better. I don't know if you should put wax on thread for a machine. Sounds like it'd turn into an icky mess.

I hope somethin' works for ya! :-)

*~Virginia~* said...

awww, you have a bassett hound too???? Or am I mistaken???