Monday, March 1, 2010

Smiles and frames~

From 9:30 this morning to 4:30 (or so) this afternoon, I was over babysitting for our neighbors once again.

I cared for this energetic sweetheart;

...this dimpled cutie;

...and this smiley guy and had a very enjoyable time while doing it! I'm so glad we have neighbors with small children. :)

Meanwhile, back at home, Andrew made a frame for some Plexiglass that he bought. This: a door for on top of one of the parts of his cleaner. (I'm afraid I've forgotten which part it is now.....) It took him a long time to make this door as he had to cut the wood down to form a lip for the glass to rest on. Now he just needs to make another like it tomorrow...
My dad hauled grain all day again and Mother and Jacob were busy around the house.
I received an e-mail tonight from a friend of ours. It contained another Bible names word search--similar to the one I posted a few days ago except it contains all the books in the Bible. If anyone would like to do this one, just let me know and I'll post it. :)
Well, the sun has gone to bed and so must I!
~Good night~


Rachel said...

Aww, what little darlings! :D Babysitting brings such's so nice to be able to be with little ones. :) And it's a good service opportunity to! ;)

Wow! Your brother's are so talented! :D I am so amazed at the way guys can just pull things together out of nothing and make things up themselves and fix a girl, I only have those skills once in awhile with my crafts. ;) HeHe! The door looks REALLY good! :D Hopefully the next one he makes will be faster to make as he already knows what he's doing. ;)

Love and Hugs dear friend! :D
(my dad was mailing your birthday gift today, so it should be there the end of this week...hopefully). :)

Cora Beth said...

How funny Rachel! I was writing my e-mail to you at the same time as you writing a comment to me. :)

I can hardly wait to receive the surprise birthday package!!!!! If it comes early, I hope to have as much self-control as you do and to wait to open it until Sunday. :)

Yes, I too am constantly amazed at the creative things our menfolk come up with... The Lord has made the human mind such an amazing piece of, ah, machinery!

Thanks for your comment, dear Rachel!
Have a wonderful day~

Hannah said...

Awe =D how fun!
Yes! Do post the other puzzle! That would be fun to work on! I still have to find two more word in the first one, I have not worked on it very much lately :)
Good evening to you!

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Awe! those little children are so sweet!
Post the puzzle please!!!!