Friday, March 5, 2010

Thank you, dear Rachel!

Dear friends,

I have a lot to catch up on in blogger-ville, but have a busy day planned once again, so my playing-catch-up will have to wait yet some more.

However, I thought I'd share the following with you in the meantime...

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Thanks again Rachel for interviewing me! I have enjoyed getting to know you so much already and look forward to becoming better friends in the years ahead. :)


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I read what you wrote,
you are a very beautiful person. God has a very good plan for you.
I said to Hannah " Oh I wish I knew her off line!" I do not have many friends. You are just the kind of person that I get along with! The other day mama said " May be Hannah you and I should just save up our money and make a trip out there!" It is such a blessing how the Lord has gotten you and your family through the years. I was wondering what "J" means?. You said it a couple times in the interview. I am just curious! you have been a blessing to me. you are more than a blogging friend!
Have a good day dear!

Hannah said...

I enjoyed reading the interview Cora! That must have been fun to do =D. I'm guessing that was what you were talking about when you told me you were working on something???

Cora Beth said...

Dear Miss Grace~
Thank you for your very sweet comment! I have come to really enjoy corresponding with you and Hannah and love to call you "Friends"!!!! :) It would be so neat to meet each other and see if we're actually how we imagine each other to be... Would there be any way you could have your money saved up by Prairie Days? :) I just KNOW that you would really enjoy that event and all the kindred spirits who attend it! Of course, if you could visit even sooner, that would be wonderful too!
Yes, we feel truly blessed by how the Lord has led in our lives and look forward to what He has in store for us in the future...
About the "J"s in the interview--I'm not quite sure how they got there. I checked the copy that I sent to Rachel and the "J"s weren't there, so I'm thinking the computer must have added them when she copied it to her program or something? I'm not sure either.
May God bless you richly, my friend!

Dear Hannah~
The interview really was fun to do and it gave me some things to think about too... And yes, that is what I was talking about when I mentioned I was working on something! :)
How's your thumb doing tonight? That sounded like quite the painful accident! I hope and pray it heals very quickly. (Did you try duct-taping it? :) )

I love you both and always enjoy hearing from you and reading about your lives on your blogs!!!
~Sweet dreams~

Rachel said...

Cora, I enjoyed reading this interview and getting to know a bit more about you! :)

lots of love,