Thursday, March 18, 2010

Did Noah Go Fishing???

I just received this and had to share it with you before heading out to the barn.... :) Have a great day!

~Did Noah Go Fishing?

A Sunday school teacher was teaching her young students
about Noah and the ark. She asked them what they thought
Noah may have done to pass the time in the ark for forty

After waiting a few moments, the teacher suggested, "Maybe
he did a lot of fishing. How about that?"

One little boy gave her a funny look and said, "I don't
think so. It's kinda hard to fish with just two worms!"


Rachel said...

Thanks kinda right you know!:)
Thanks for Sharing it!!

May God bless you!
love you

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

that is so cute! :)

Have a good day Cora

Hannah said...

Awe! I like that!
I'm glad you posted it!

Hannah said...

I want to get to bed "early" too. I plan to do a journal of my day tomorrow for something, and I would not want the first thing to be "9:00 am: oops, I slept in."
=D I miss getting mail early, we did at our other house!
Okay, goodnight my dear sister Cora!