Sunday, March 21, 2010

Everyone is enjoying spring!!!

Yes, everyone enjoyed the sunshine...

...Our chickens;


...Lady and some kitties;

...Even Sargent Jacob... :) (He's wearing our grandpa B's army hat.)
While I was out enjoying the fresh air and taking some fruit scraps down to the goats, I decided to pop into the Quonset to see what was all happening there...

Dad was welding something onto an auger while Andrew was working on a cable system to swing the auger out of the "building"...
Jacob meanwhile was drilling holes in Dad's grain-cleaner trailer and bolting down his new generator. Then he put anti-freeze in it and did some other things too, of which I don't remember.
It is so nice to see green grass again!
And now we can swing without getting snow in our shoes. :)
My dad went down to Eureka yesterday as his mom called at noon and asked if he could come down and be with them and his brothers as they all decided what each brother wanted of the things my grandparents needed to get rid of before they move to Mandan. This was one of the things he brought home--and is one of my favorite things. :) Isn't it a cute little wind-mill? It was racing in the wind all day...
Dad also brought home this... Oh, by the way, this is a mystery picture! If you'd like to guess what it is, please leave a comment with your guess. I'll wait to post any comments containing guesses until tomorrow night, when I shall tell you what "It" is. :)
And now, dear friends, I shall bid you farewell, good night, and sweet dreams. Oh yes, happy spring too!


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Happy spring to you Cora! I like the picture of Lady and the cats! She is such a sweet dog.
Have a good rest my friend.

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

OK here is what I think it is:
a type of rock or gem stone. Maybe some type of an Agate? like a Superior Agate? The other thought I had maybe a polished piece of wood? Those are my guesses!
At first glance it looks like is flowing muddy water! That is what I thought it was when I first saw the picture before reading that it was a mystery picture!

Rachel said...

It looks like a piece of this rock that my mom has. It's a very thin "rock/mineral" of some kind...maybe it is called "schist" or something like that? I can't remember. :) Lol! But that is what it reminds me of anyway. ;) I can't wait to see what it really is! :D It kind of looks like motor oil too...but I don't think that's what it is. ;) HaHa!

I'm so glad you guys got the grain cleaner and I hope your dad and brothers can get it up and running quickly! :D That is so exciting! :D I plan on going back and reading all about it! ;)

Love you dear! :D

Anonymous said...

petrified wood?

Anonymous said...


It Looks like the ripples in a stone

Mary c

Robert said...

Is it glass?

Hannah said...

Okay, I think it is, (and I did not read any of the above comments you published) either a painting of rocks, or some sort of a rock. Maybe it is a marble slab. We have one of those but it looks a little different.
So, I am pretty sure it is a rock of some sort but of what kind or exactly what it is I am not too sure!
Can't wait to see! =D

Miss Jen said...

What lovely post,
it was wonderful to visit

Blessings~ Jen