Thursday, March 25, 2010

I thought it was spring???

This morning, we woke up to a light dusting of snow over everything, and more falling through the air. However, when Andrew called the farmer he's cleaning for now, he said it wasn't snowing there, so Andrew headed south. He finished the one farmer and then moved to the farmer's father's farm and started cleaning there. Now he's heard that a couple neighbors want him to clean for them too while he's in the area, so I'm not sure if he'll get done tomorrow or not? It's always nice to have new customers, especially now that the guys will have 2 units to keep busy!

At home, life went on as it usually does. My dad went to get a load of hay home again and to do some business in town, but then he worked on Andrew's cleaner some more.

I finished up with the sewing project I've been working on for almost forever it seems (sewing the Velcro around the fabric that's going around the gravity table...). On average, my thread broke every other minute, (no matter what I did!) so it's nice to have that job done with!

I also went through the seeds we saved last year from our garden and made a list of them and then went through our favorite seed catalog (Bountiful Gardens) and marked down some suggestions for when Mother goes through it. It's amazing how fast our gardening season is approaching! Pretty soon we'll be able to dig in the dirt again. :)

Jacob spent some time thinking up a good name today for his entry in the "Name that buffalo" contest that I read about recently on-line. If you wish to give your name suggestion for the biggest buffalo in the world (the statue of one in Jamestown), you can go HERE. I didn't see any age restrictions or anyplace that said you have to live in ND to enter, so I think it's open to everyone...?

Also, if you like mystery pictures, two of Grace and Hannah's brothers have posted mystery pictures and you can guess what they are HERE and HERE. :)

Well, there's more I could say about our day, but I need to get some rest for our busy day tomorrow, so will post this and then hop into bed and listen to the wind howling and the wild geese calling.......................................


Kimberly said...

I'm glad you got that velcro done! I've sewn velcro on things before, though never that much at one time. It's not fun! You're a nice sister.

Hannah said...

Sounds like a productive day :)!
I entered a name I think would be nice for the buffalo. I never knew about that buffalo, have you ever been to see it? What was the name Jacob choose? Did you enter a name too?

Cora Beth said...

I'm so glad too, Kimberly, although now I hear that I may need to do one more small piece for on the bottom of an auger or something... They're not sure yet.

We've driven by the big buffalo, but never have gotten out to look at it. Jamestown's only about 70 miles from us, but we don't get over there too often as we usually go to Bismarck to shop. It's only 60 miles there and is a much larger city.

I did enter a name, although I'm pretty sure it won't be one that they choose! However, the question was, "What would YOU name this buffalo?", so I wrote in what I would name it. :) I would name it Titus, as one of the meanings of the name is "Giant", which seems to fit the buffalo well. :)

Jacob came up with a good one... He suggested "Standing Bull". Around here, most everyone knows about the great indian chief of days gone by called "Sitting Bull", so I thought this was a cute idea!

Hannah said...

Yeah, I don't think mine will get picked either but it would be what I'd name if it it were mine. I thought of Tatanka which means buffalo in Sioux.
I like Jacob's name too as that is exactly what it is!