Monday, March 15, 2010

The doings of the day~

The guys were once again busy all day with working on Andrew's grain cleaner in the Quonset. They're hoping to get it done this week, if all goes well.

Mom and Jacob are happy to be nearly done with Jacob's math book so they can move on to algebra... :)

In the later part of the morning, some friends came for some farm products and to visit for a while. The children loved watching my fish swim around and around, and watching them eat. I think a fish tank would make an excellent babysitting tool to have around when you have small children--as long as it's on a firm base, that is!

Speaking of fish, yesterday one of my fish (the male Molly) died, so that was sad. So far, the rest look really good, so I'm hoping it wasn't the water that made him sick...

It was such a lovely day today that the stock cows meandered out into the big part of our pasture. Also, these little guys climbed through the fence and decided to have some fun "Swinging"... :) Tomorrow morning, they'll most likely have a shocking experience--when we hook up the electric fence again!

This afternoon, I went over and babysat for the 3 little ones so Kristi could get some typing done again. She sent me this picture of Jimmy and I (plus a couple more) at the birthday party yesterday... Their children are just so cute!!! :)

When I got home, I helped Mother make supper. I fried up spaghetti in butter and Mom cooked up some zucchini, onions, and dill. Yummy!

And that's what happened around here.~

How was your day? Are you very much ready for spring to come too?


Hannah said...

Awe children again, how sweet!
The picture of you and little Jimmy is so cute!

Sorry to here one of your fish died, that is too bad!

Yes, I am ready for spring. I can't believe how FAST our snow melted! We have none except a little patch about 5 feet long in our barn yard.
I was bare foot out side with short sleeves all day and it never was chilly. I guess we will have an extra month of grazing then if spring just comes in how it seems it is.
Normally we would still be doing syrup. We have only made 6 gallons so far and last year we made somewhere around 60. So yeah, it's a strange year.
I hope it gets cold again though so we can have another flow of sap.

Miss Jen said...

Lovely! :)
Isn't babysitting fun?!
Blessings dear friend!

Love~ Miss Jen

Anonymous said...


My day was wonderful!! Thanks! And, yes, I am VERY much ready for spring!!!


Cora Beth said...

We still have snow here, even though it's been in the lower 40s... Lots of people are hoping for it to warm up slowly so that we don't go through flooding like we did last year!
I hope you're able to get more sap/syrup too... There's quite a difference between 6 and 60!

Yes, babysitting is fun--most of the time!

Mary C~
Might I persuade you to start your own blog someday? It would be fun to get to know you better and see what your life is like! :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the "food for thought" I'll have to think about it! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooops! I forgot to sign my name on that last comment! :-}

Mary C.