Friday, March 19, 2010

"It" came!!!

...But, I will leave it up to my dear readers to decide which "It" I am speaking of in my blog title, because.....

"It", my dad's generator showed up this morning!

Also, "It"--the last snow of the Winter, arrived today as is evident in this picture: (It snowed a little bit all day long.) "Happy Spring to one and all!"
And, "It" was finally the day that the driveways were dry enough that our elderly neighbor lady wished for me to come up and trim her hair for her, which I did... She blessed me with some clothes, plus some cute pot-holders she sewed and a hand-towel that she'd crocheted the top onto. (She also sent some along for Mother as a gift--so sweet!) She, her husband and I had tea and cookies together and looked at pictures of their family. She also told me a really neat, old-fashioned hair-care tip, but I'll share that with you another time....
The last possible "It" that came today really, really surprised me!!! (This silly picture's included here just especially for you, Grace and Hannah!!! I really was surprised by your sweet gift, however, this photo was staged... :) )
"It" arrived in a little brown package...

...and "It" contained:
1 pair of home-spun and knitted mittens--that are so soft!,
1 bag of home-made maple sugar--that is so tasty!!!,
and 1 beautiful card and sweet note--that was so much appreciated!!!!!
"Thank you so much, dear sisters!!!" You made this day a very, very special one. :)
I am thanking the Lord tonight for all the special friends that He has blessed me with--in just under a years worth of blogging!
And, now that I've shared about "It" all, I'd best head for my pillow. Sweet dreams~


Hannah said...

I "love" this post Cora! I was slowly scrolling down and then when I got to that picture of you I almost laughed out loud but I did not because everyone else is sleeping!
I am so glad you like them! Do you recognize the yarn??
I'm glad you like the sugar too, it was fun to make!
It was hard not to tell Grace that you asked for our address because I thought it was so funny that you did not know about this, and Grace did not know about what you were doing!
I love you too sister! Good Night!

Cora Beth said...

Ah hah! So I was "The friend" she mentioned!!! That is so neat! :)

Thank you both again--so much!
And now, I really must get some sleep, or I'll be up until Spring comes... :)

Miss Jen said...

How lovely...
what beautiful blessings!!!

In Christ~ Miss Jen

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Dear Cora,
I am so glad you like them! Do they fit? I had so much fun making them. It was fun to put the package and the card all together. You are a dear friend and sister.
thank you for all that you have been for me.

Cora Beth said...

Grace Elizabeth~
They do indeed fit nicely! :) Thank you again for your love and kindness and prayers and joy!
I hope you're having a wonderful spring day!

Rachel said...

Dear Cora

What a lot of nice 'arrivals' you are receiving lately! I love surprise brown paper packages! Oh, and home-made gifts are always extra-special!

Your dad must be pleased that "It" has arrived!:)

God bless
Lots of love,