Monday, March 29, 2010

The flowers aren't blooming out of doors yet... we decorated with "Pretend" flowers around the house today...

I did some major cleaning in my room today and am nearly done now.

Remember the sunflowers that were in that vase on top of the old trunk? Well, when I wanted to hang my pretty rose painting above the trunk...

...Mother agreed with me that the sunflowers had to go someplace else, as they didn't fit with the elegant, old-time theme in that corner at all.

So, they went here--to brighten up this corner of the room:

While going through an old suit-case full of fabric scraps that Grandma had given me, I found a small square of upholstery. When I showed it to Mom, she said right away that it would look really well on this tattered kitchen stool...

...and I must say I agree with her! :)
Lots of things happened around here other than that too, (like when a family came and bought a couple of young goats from us for their rodeo goat-tying practice,) but I don't have pictures of those things...

One thing that changed our plans for tomorrow was when Mom talked to grandma Marly and plans were made for Mom and I to go down to Eureka again tomorrow to help Grandma with packing and cleaning. Sounds like a busy day is ahead of us, so I'd best get some rest.

Before I go though, I'd just like to ask for prayer for my mom, as she's dealing with a bad infection in her finger and it's taking a long time to heal. She can't keep it in water very long and can't hand milk now either. It itches a lot too, so prayers for relief would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, dear friends~


Addie said...

I love the seat Cora! It's so very "springish"! :-)

I'll be praying for your mother's finger.


Miss Jen said...

Oh~ how beautiful!!
Love the kitchen stool transformation... SO fun!

Love~ Miss Jen