Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On birthday cake; bike riding; new fish and grain cleaning...

It was a peaceful day at home for Jacob and I...

Our parents went to town all day and didn't get home until 9:00, at which time Jacob and I had just finished the 2 hours worth of barn chores--except for feeding the cows. :)

Andrew got home a little after 10:00 from the grain cleaning job. He had some troubles, but got the job half done. He was pretty tired...

And now, I have some pictures to share with you!

Here's the kitty cake I made for our neighbor girls' birthday:

It was so lovely out this afternoon, Jacob and I just had to get outside for a while! We dug out the "New" old bicycles that Dad brought home from Grandpa and Grandma's place last Saturday. Jacob put air in the tires and we went for a ride around the farm and out to get the mail...
Aren't they neat old bikes? They're both Schwinns and are the bikes my dad rode when he was a little boy. :)

I looked out the window later in the day and saw our dogs enjoying the sunshine!
The best part of the day for me was when my parents arrived home with new fish! They bought 2 Neon Tetras (pictured below); 3 Guppies (our neighbor recommended them and I'm so glad she did, as they're really pretty. I haven't managed to get a good picture of them yet though, as they wiggle all over the place and blur the pictures!) My 3 Tetras from the first batch aren't quite sure about having so many new fish in the tank with them and kind of stuck together in their own little group for a while. They were happy to show the new fish what food was though when I fed them!

My parents also brought a snail home at my request! It's really fun to watch it explore its new territory at it's slow speed...
AND, they brought me 2 goldfish for my fish-bowl!!! I was so excited!

What a fun day!!!


Kimberly said...

The bikes look like just my style! I wish they would make speed bikes with handle bars like that. Love the picture of the dogs. They, too, appreciate that winter is over (hopefully!). Glad you are enjoying your fish. Brandon got some fish for his birthday in December. But his haven't done too well. He is down to one crab which turned out to be a canabal.

Cora Beth said...

Ewwww, a cannibal crab! I think I'll avoid the crabs in the pet store--no matter how cute they are!!!

Lady came to the patio door and looked in while shivering visibally, so we let her in... I guess winter hasn't had its fill yet!

Anonymous said...

Cute cake Cora!! You are so talented. I would want to do that but for some reason I can't get myself to work with powdered sugared buttercreams and frostings.
I really like making frostings that don't use very much sugar but the those don't work the best for decorating :).
I like your new bikes! I like those kind, but I think if I got a bike I would get a mountain bike because we like to ride on the trails in the forest and they are full of hills and bumps that need a mountain bike to go on them! Right now my bike as a tiny wheel on the front and a big one on the back, which also means the brakes don't work. My little brothers love to work on broken bikes and make hilarious contraptions on them :)!
That is so nice that you got more fish! Your little snail is nice too! When David had fish, he had a little algae eater that would eat all the algae from the sides of the tank and on the rocks. It was fun to watch it's mouth as it would suck the side of the glass!
(Enoch was signed in, I'm an anonymous Hannah!)

Cora Beth said...

Dear annonymous Hannah~ :)
I know what you mean about not wanting to make unhealthy frosting for cakes, but I have tried some healthy-er recipes and they just didn't work for decorating! (And the one didn't taste so great either!)
Around here, the ground is pretty flat, so those old bikes actually work pretty well. Still, my brothers would like to get mountain bikes too--if they ever come across some at a reasonable price. It would be interesting to see some pictures of your brothers hillarious inventions with old bikes sometime! :)
I didn't know that your brother had fish once. Were they in an aquarium? We're really having fun watching the snail, whom I've decided to call "Curious George!" He's supposed to eat algae too, and we just noticed today that my little bridge is starting to turn green, so Georgie better get busy!
Well, dear friend, I hope you rest well... I'm wondering now if you're still up too? :) It seems like we're often both still awake at this time of night!

Hannah said...

Maybe I'll share a recipe I did once that was really good and it did not have much sugar in it. I'm trying to remember what cookbook it is in though because I have not made it in a while :)!
Maybe I will take some pictures of my brother's bikes sometime!
Yes, David had an aquarium. We had 3 (I think) all different sizes. I think they all broke now though. After the fish got old and died we put them in storage and they eventually broke. They were older aquariums.
I don't think any of them would be able to be used for fish, but one may be able to be used for a non-water aquarium.
I like what you named your snail, that's cute! Did you name any of your fish?
No, I was already in "bed" (I slept on the couch :) but i may not have been asleep yet because my little brothers were sleeping in the living room too and we were playing games like "guess a person" and "who, what, where" or just "who, what" if one of us got to tired!! But yes, I did have a good rest!
Yeah, I usually stay up pretty late but last night I was tired!

Cora Beth said...

I'd love to get that recipe if you find it sometime Hannah! Some friends did share a recipe which uses lots of yummy butter and some flour and a reduced amount of powdered sugar, but it doesn't work very well for decorating. It tastes really good though!

I had named my 2 Mollies, but they both died, so now I'm waiting to see if my fish live or not before I name them so it's not quite as sad when they die... Do you have any cute fish name suggestions? :)

We play a game we made up called, "Who's my friend" which is probably pretty similar to your "Guess a person" game... Someone just thinks of a person and then the others ask questions until they can finally guess the person--or they get stumped and can't think of who it is... How do you play "Who, what, where"? Sounds like fun!

Well, I still want to write a blog post and comment elsewhere, so I'll say good night~

Hannah said...

Flour in frosting? Interesting. I'll try to get that recipe to you!
I don't know why Mollies die like that. David had a Mollie several years ago and it did not last long either.
I think I like just the regular goldfish best.

To play Who? What? Where? When? Why? (that is the whole name of it). You write down the above questions on little individual pieces of paper. Pass them out to 5 people in the right order: Person #1 gets who and the person to their left gets What and so on. If you don't have 5 people, you can just use the first 3 and the last one taking out When or like we did a couple times the first 3 or 2 :). Every one thinks of an answer in their head for their question but they can't say it out loud.
When every one is ready, Person #1 says their answer and the others follow in order. The story comes out either very funny or not funny at all.
Here is an example (that I made up :):
(WHO?) "Sally"
(WHAT?) "Ate an Egg"
(WHERE?) "In his/her (in this case her) bedroom" (WHEN?) "At 12:00"
(WHY?) because it was her daily tradition.

The stories come out different every time but they are funny!