Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Very short post!

Tomorrow's going to be a very busy day, but I'm excited for it to come! I'm going to the nursing home to "Shadow" some of the workers there to see if that kind of work is for me or not... Prayers for wisdom would be greatly appreciated! Then, in the afternoon, I'm going babysitting again. My dad's going to Bismarck to get supplies for the grain cleaner project again and also to look at some bred heifers I found on-line... Mom and Jacob are planning to start in the Algebra book... And Andrew--he's most likely going to be found in the Quonset most of the day, fixing; thinking; and building.... Lord willing though, we'll all be found gathered in our little living room for bed-time prayer tomorrow evening around 10:30. :)


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

good night my dear! Have a good rest and good day tomorrow.
Love and prayers

Hannah said...

Sure will be praying my friend!
I hope it goes well for you.
Have fun!

Rachel said...

Dear Cora!

Hope everything goes well,continuing to pray for you and your family!

All the best
God bless
love Rachel*