Tuesday, March 2, 2010


There's a little of everything in this post, I think! :)

We did a lot of usual things around our farm today, but at noon, all of us (except Dad who was trucking) went down to Titan Machinery in Kintyre to join in the annual "Customer Appreciation" meal and we got to visit with a few of our neighbors and friends. We do a lot of business down at Titan and feel so blessed to only live a mile and a half away from there!

Now, I'll post a mystery picture!

What is this?...
I think you all know how this guessing game's played by now, so I won't go into that. I'll post the answer to this mystery picture tomorrow night...

Next, I'll share the word search that our friend, Ellen shared with me a few days back... I admit, I have not worked on this one much at all, as my days have been very full indeed, so I'll need you to tell me if all those names really are in there. :)

"Find all the books of the Bible below:

The Vikings are found early in our study of history. Their gene, sisal-like–as this durable fiber, continued in their bloodline to this day. To memorize and remember important dates may seem to have made the mind numb erstwhile. At times they are quite a job to recall, and he who prejudges the ability of the mind may think he has chronic lesions–or abnormal mind. Some act ruthlessly like the Romans, yet it becomes there a question if the way of Ezra and Nehemiah was better. John taught the Ephesians and Philippians to be sober. He brews no strong drink, and Timothy drinks no alcoholic wine. What a jam especially for one who is poor already, and a revelation when he becomes sober. Judea also had its problems. Even a pet erelong recognized that something was wrong. For the poor at Jerusalem Paul helps alms to be collected, something Matthew was familiar with. The preacher in Ecclesiastes presenting his sermon is quite pro verbs and song. There was also need for courage. If Niel was the name of the bear David met, remember it was no panda Niel. What do you think, is a mimic ahead or is Jon ahead in the end by what he does? Does the Bible recommend marketing lukewarm water? Some like to give tit for tat. Is tat or tit usually more justified, or what is special about Phi lemon? O bad iah, Joe leveled about hose A, but Malachi finished his testimony. Who was right? Habakkuk and Ezekiel each could say: "I am ostensibly right." So was work of Isaiah and Jeremiah difficult, bringing them a lot of lamentations. Joshua and Moses before him in Deuteronomy reviewed God’s leading with His people in the exodus. Ezekiel in Babylon as Nahum, Zephaniah, Haggai, and Zechariah elsewhere, continued to give the message God gave them, including the instruction given in Leviticus. In the New Testament God’s people were found in many places of the world of the Roman empire. They included the Corinthians, Galatians, Colossians, and Thessalonians. You may ignore the numbers but not the facts about Samuel. 56 names represent all 66 books of the Bible–some are obvious and others you may be able to find. You may also want to share this treasure hunt with your friends. "

And now, I have an unusual prayer request... My dad needs to find a large generator for his grain-cleaning unit as soon as possible. He's in contact with a few different people now (the only ones I remember the names of are Peter and Paul...) but so far he hasn't found quite the right one. Dad and Andrew hope to start up the busy season this coming week, so it's really important that a generator be found now!!! Your prayers would most definitely be appreciated. Oh yes, and if you have a big generator just laying around your garage and want to sell it, please let us know right away! :)

And finally--I am so happy tonight because I'm going with Mom and Jacob to Bismarck tomorrow. Yes, I'm happy to be going to the city this time! A big reason is that we're going to pick up a big, early-birthday-gift from my parents and I can hardly wait to see it and to fill it....... Got any guesses of what "It" is?

There are some other fun events on our schedule for the day, but morning's going to come very early I'm afraid, so I'd best get to bed!

I'll leave you with the quote from my calendar today~
"Look for the light behind every shadow."

(How was that for a smörgåsbord post?)


Cora said...

Alas, I don't know how the guessing game is played... But I do know what the picture is! I don't want to give it away, though!

I hope y'all find the generator!

I enjoyed the word search. :)

Hannah said...

Dear Cora,


I have a mystery picture I plan to post soon too =D!

Thanks for posting the puzzle, I look forward to doing it soon!

I hope your dad finds a generator, and no we don't have one in our garage, actually we don't even have a garage!!!

Have fun tomorrow! I don't know what your b-day gift could be. Maybe a-- piggybank =D. No, I am sure it is not. But the "fill it" part has me stumped. And ah, curious :0)!

Oh I like that quote so very much. It was just what I needed to read and meditate on this night. I like hearing or reading little things like that. Not just "reading" them though, but really thinking about the truth that is in it. Sometimes the smallest things can speak big.

Yes, this was a very nice smörgåsbord post. I liked it alot, and I liked your title too =D.

Much Love to my sister in Christ,

Rachel said...

HaHa! I thought it was a very nice smörgåsbord post! ;D Lol!

I certainly be praying for the large generator dear! :) I know God will provide one for your dad in His perfect timing! :)

Let's see now...the pictures is of a ginger root (I know, because my dad uses them). ;) At least, I'm PRETTY sure that's what it is. ;) HaHa!

And I guess they are buying you a hope chest for your birthday! :D I can't remember if you have one or not already, so that's my best guess. Other than that, um, I don't know...what's big that you can "fill"? ;D Lol! I hope you have a good day today picking up your gift and going into town! :D

Love and Hugs!

Kimberly said...

Can't wait to find out what your gift is!

Is the mystery picture ginger root?

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I like your smörgåsbord post!
I will have to do this puzzle

Morse Family said...

Hello Cora!!

Excellent smorgasbord post!!

The mystery picture looks like ginger!! We love ginger and use it a lot to season chicken!!


*~Virginia~* said...

oh my .....what a strange looking object...:-)
I thought maybe its some sort of root?
maybe in the turnip family? hahahaha, My mom thought it was an elephant!

*~Virginia~* said...

Oh wait, I think its an artichoke!
is that right???

Anonymous said...

The mystery picture looks like a ginger root.

Mary C.

Rachel said...

Cora, what a fun and fitting title - a smörgåsbord post!! :)

Since I'm back on the net I've enjoyed going through the last few posts I missed on your blog.

Oh dear, I missed posting the answer on your mystery picture - usually I don't have any idea just what the pics are but this time I was sure it was ginger! Oh well, I'll try again next time. :D

Hope your dad comes right with the generator - I will pray about it too. Isn't it wonderful to be able to trust the Lord for absolutely everything!! From our greatest needs to the very smallest and everything in-between - He is so faithful!!

I'm so glad you posted this word search! Will let you know how it goes. :)

God bless and much love,