Friday, March 12, 2010

A full day!

There was much happening in our little "Corner" of the world today, everything from:

Building and trying out conveyors in the Quonset;

(Here's a better picture of it... The guys built this from scratch!) watching our corn-dog enjoy a snack; decorating a cake for a neighbor boys' birthday!

I had a bit of frosting left over once I was done with the tractor cake, so Jacob baked another cake and drew a tractor and baler and bales on it with the leftover icing!

His art project for the day: (I think his bales are so cute!)
The house also got a fairly thorough cleaning and lots of food got prepared.
It was a good day in many ways! The bad part was that Mother wasn't feeling too well, but she gained strength after resting and was able to come out and milk the goats during evening chores. :)
Such was life on the farm this day~


Rachel said...

Dear Cora

How nice to share in your busy day!:) I love the cake you made and also Jacob's art.
Hope your mom is feeling completely well.

Enjoy the weekend!
God bless
Lots of love,

Rachel said...

Wow! Your dad and brothers are sooo talented! :D I am continuously amazed at how much they can fix and make for the farm! :)

Aww, your cake turned out great Cora! :D How cute! :D You did a great job with the coloring..making grey can be so hard sometimes. :P And I LOVE Jacob's artwork cake! :D That is REALLY good and creative! :D I love his bales too. ;) HeHe! And his tractor and bailer...Wow! :D I bet it tasted really good too. ;) Lol!

Oh, I'm sorry your mother wasn't feeling well dear. :( I am glad she could rest and feel recovered though. :) I'll be praying for her. :)

Love and Hugs to you sweetie! :D

Cora Beth said...

Dear Rachels~ :)
Thank you for your sweet comments once again! Mother is feeling much better today, so that's a real blessing...

Rachel P.~
I'll let you in on a little secret.... (I'm going to whisper it so nobody else hears... ) :) ---I was trying to make my frosting be black but grey was the closest I could get it! Have you found any way to get a true black? I did it once, but didn't write down the colors and amounts I used and haven't accomplished it since... I've read that it's easiest to just buy pre-made black frosting, but I haven't done that yet. Andrew suggested I use charcoal in it, but I thought it best not to do that!!!

Love you both and wish you a happy day~

Hannah said...

Dear Cora,
I never knew the world had corners :)
My brothers and Daddy like making things from scratch too-I do also, but more so in the kitchen!
Your cake looks nice, as does Jacob's art!
I'm really sorry, I over "heard" {read} the secret you shared with Rachel. But anyways, I do not think the grey looks bad. Both red and black are that way :).
Charcoal would work but it would not be very nice to eat ;D!
Thanks for your comment!
Love you,
Hannah Marie

Andrew B. said...

Wow, that picture makes me look funny! I think it's the glasses, but something makes me look a lot older...
Thanks for taking some pictures of my project Cora. :-)
Andrew B.