Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Honk, honk, squawk, honk, honk.......

This is the "Music" we're listening to as we get ready for bed tonight... The sound is coming from the hundreds (maybe even thousands?) of geese that have decided to rest for the night in our neighbor's field. I guess they're really having a nice reunion, as they all seem to be talking at once... I wonder if they'll get any sleep tonight? Then too, I wonder if we will? :)

It was a good day here. The sun was shining and the birds were singing cheerily...

The guys got my dad's cleaner pulled out of the Quonset and started it up. Andrew's planning to take it to a farmer's place tomorrow to start the big, busy season. My dad has many things to do in Bismarck, (or else he would do it) so he and my mom are going to the city together tomorrow. They have a long list, so it may be just Jacob and I for chores tomorrow night??? (Except for feeding the cows--which I'm sure my dad will do when he gets back!)

Mother prayed tonight, "...And thank you for the time today to get reacquainted with my kitchen..." After being gone for 4 days, things do change I guess!

I spent the first part of my morning (after barn chores were done, that is) decorating a cake for our neighbor girls' birthday party tomorrow, but had to stop in the middle and head over to our other neighbors' place to babysit, as the mother had to be in Bismarck at a certain time. I was there from 11:00am to 5:45pm, so I got my share of little-people-love today. :) And, when I returned home, I worked on the kitty cake again... I got interrupted again for supper, and then the evening milking, and just put the cake in the box a few minutes before family prayer time. I did get a picture, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it as I need to get to bed now. Tomorrow sounds like another busy day. May the Lord help us all through it!

OH! One more thing! When I got home, my mom told me that the lady from the nursing home called and wanted to talk to me about dates for my CNA training, AND she said that I'm hired--as long as I pass the test after class and everything. :) Thank you for your prayers as I've been making this important decision which will affect all our lives in definite ways...... Your prayers are so very much appreciated!!!

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Rachel said...

Hello Cora!

It must be quite wonderful to hear all those geese, although our 11 make such a racket at times that it must be deafening to have hundreds or thousands honking at the same time!

I'm glad for you about the nursing home job and am looking forward to seeing the picture of the kitty cake. :)

Well, it's almost 11:30pm here in SA on a cool, drizzily night, so it's "Good night" for now. :)

God bless
Love & prayers,