Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I graduated today! :)

This has been a very interesting and eventful day! Let me tell you about the highlights...

Dad bought a generator!!! PTL! He found one in Pennsylvania and had the bank "Wire" the money there today, so hopefully the generator will get here just in time for the busy cleaning season. Thankfully, it's raining now, so the guys couldn't be cleaning grain even if they had the machines ready to go...

Mother and Jacob were gone most of the day in Bismarck--Mom doing health sessions and Jacob doing his schoolwork in her office (and they brought home 5 cute fish--yay!!!)

Andrew worked on his grain cleaner all day again and cut with the cutting torch for the first time. :)

I baked bread; made a pizza; and mixed up a crumb cake...

After our noon meal, Dad and I went to Napoleon for some farm supplies--mineral tubs for the cows and ear-tags for the newborn calves who should be starting to show up the end of this month!

While in town, my dad dropped me off at the courthouse and I had my last meeting with Mr. H. and "Graduated" from the Farm Business Management program that I've been doing for 2 years. Mr. H. ordered my certificate and it should be showing up in the mail in a few days. :)

Also, while in town, I picked up an application at the Care Center (nursing home)--the place I'm thinking of working at. The lady in charge there was really friendly and helpful and I learned a lot more about what it takes to become a CNA--plus several other things... There's also an opening for helping with activities, so she suggested that I come in sometime next week and follow behind one of the CNAs to see what the job requires and also to see what's required for helping with activities, which sounds like a really good idea to me! I know for sure 3 of the ladies who work at the Care Center, so if I do start working there, I'll not feel so totally lost... Thank you for praying (and please continue to pray) and for sharing your thoughts! I've also been so glad to hear of more specific ways that I can pray for you, my friends.

Somewhere in there, I took pictures of the special gifts I got for my birthday, so I'll share those pictures with you now before calling it a day...........

This sweet tin-full of "Girly treasures" arrived a couple days before my birthday from my dear friend, Dorena. :)

As Dorena had gone on a missions trip to India last year, she sent each of us some of the Indian money (Rupees) that she'd brought back with her!!!
The elderly lady we rent some of our land from sent me this pretty card; a nice note; and a crisp 2 dollar bill!

My dear friend, Miranda gave me this movie when she came to visit... (We really enjoyed it!)

A wonderful surprise package from my dear friend, Rachel came in the mail! :)
Aren't these cows "Udderly" adorable???? :) They're just SO cute! Rachel definitely knew what I'd like!

This pretty card (and some money enclosed) came from my B. grandparents...
Mother B also knew what I'd like and bought a new piano duet book for us to play! I think perhaps she likes it too. :) (This is the book we played out of for 2 hours on my birthday.)

You may remember too that right after I got Lady, my mom and Jacob bought me an early gift--a dog bed and doggie treats. :)
And then, of course, there is the aquarium--and the fish fund!!!!!!
It was SO exciting to finally be able to put some fish in my "Thing you put things in...", although it was tricky to get the fish out of the bag, as the lady at the pet store said not to put the water that they were in into the tank but just to put the fish in...
I took several pictures of the fish, but they kept moving around so quickly that most of the pictures blurred. This one turned out fairly well though and you can see my male Molly and two of the smaller Tetras. It was so fun to watch them eat and we all just spent several minutes watching the fish discover their new surroundings!

Also treasured gifts were all the sweet comments and notes that I received from friends on my special day. Thank you to each of you for your friendship!!!
And now, the day is done, down the sun, and I need to get to bed, as it's actually tomorrow already, or rather, it's today, but it was yesterday's tomorrow, so, yes, I need to sleep some this morning yet. :)


Rachel said...

Dear Cora

First of all, congratulations on graduating from the Farm Business Management program! :)

Thank you for sharing all those birthday gifts with us - it's always a pleasure to see other people's presents. :)

So glad you have some fish in your tank! That's a good photo of the tetras.

Will continue to keep you in prayer!

Lots of love

Cora said...

Happy (late) birthday, Cora! :-) Was it Sunday? If it was, you're only one day older than my oldest brother! Too cool!

Those cloths are udderly cute! Rachel did such a good job on those! I love the little bells around their necks.

Congraduation! ;-) Also may God bless your application for the job to His satisfaction. I will be praying for you! When I got my part time job, I had the same doubts. Then the Lord caused me to realize that it didn't matter where I was (home or away) or what I was doing. My job was all the same - Show the love of Christ to EVERYONE. At the nursing home, you will have such opportunities! So many people there have no family left who cares about them, no friends, and no hope. Maybe the Lord wants you to be a light in the darkness for them. :-) Or maybe He has other plans for you. Trust Him, because He alone knows your needs!

Thank you for your kind words and making me smile. No worries - I totally understand being busy, sick, chores piling up... I hope you're now feeling better completely!

I'm glad you enjoyed my marriage post. :-D It was fun to write. And I will post a picture sometime.

Kyrie said...

Congratulations on your 'graduation'! Thanks for the pictures of your birthday things! So nice to see your little fish! ;)



Cora Beth said...

Dear friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers!!! I'm planning to send in my application tomorrow and we'll see what happens from there.

We're enjoying watching my little fish and I've been feeding them only a little bit of food at a time so we can feed them more often. :) They're especially fun to watch at feeding time...

YES! My birthday was on Sunday. That's really neat about your brother being so close in age-- just one day younger than I am!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about "Working". I loved what you said about your job being the same wherever you were--that being to show the love of the Lord to those around you! I'm praying that, if I do get the job at the nursing home, that I'll have many opportunities to share the Lords' love with the residents and workers there...

Oh, and I'd really love to see a picture of you and "The cowboy" sometime!!! Somehow, when you see a person's face, it's so much easier to imagine what they're like... At least, it's that way for me. :)

Rachel said...

Congratulations Cora on your graduation! :D How exciting! :D Hurray for you dear! ;D HeHe!

And I'm glad your dad could fine the grain cleaner he wanted! :D That's wonderful! :D It's raining here must have sent it our way. ;) HeHe!

Oh, your fishies are sooo cute!!! :D I am glad you could get some to put in your tank. ;)

What lovely birthday gifts dear! :D It seems that you are very well-loved. ;) The money from India! :D How neat! :D I actually collect a few coins and things...things people have given me or I have happened to find in my change. ;) It's fun to see the money people use in other countries. :) Your 2 dollar bill is neat as well! :D Dad got one once as was pretty cool! :D

You'll have to tell me about the movies sometime and let me know how you liked it. ;) I looked up a trailer online, and it looked pretty good. :)

Oh, I'm soo glad you liked the bread cloth dear! :D I actually asked your sweet momma about it to make sure though. ;) I didn't know if you liked "udder" jokes or not. Lol! She assured me you did. ;)

I love your piano book! :d How wonderful to be able to play with your sweet momma! :D I miss having piano that works. :( We had a computer program that taught me how to play, but then our keyboard broke, so I worked on our VERY out of tune upright piano (with real ivory keys!). Unfortunately, it's soo out of tune and some of the keys are stuck now, that it can't be played. :P Dad just hasn't had the time to work on it. ;) But, I keep praying someday I'll be able to pick it back up again. :) HeHe! The Lord provided me with dear godly friends like you after I prayed for, I just have to be patient. ;)

Well, I'll end this rather long comment now. ;) HeHe! I hope you have a blessed day dear friend! :D
Love you lot's!