Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

I went to a birthday party this afternoon--a party that was held to celebrate our neighbors, Gary and Kristi's twins' first birthday! I got to meet several people I'd heard a lot about from Kristi, but didn't know, so that was fun... I really enjoyed Kristi's parents!!! They were as pleasant as I'd imagined them to be. :) (They even posed for a picture when I asked them if they would!)
Kristi's mom made the delicious birthday cakes pictured here: "Crazy cake" on the left and a tasty carrot cake, (on the right) which contained coconut and walnuts too... She even sent some cake home for the rest of my family to enjoy! :)

Here's most of the people who were at the party... I was very glad to have some time to talk with Gary's mother (in the green blouse) about working at the nursing home, as she's been working there for a few years now and could fill me in more about, well, everything.
Here's Kristi and the birthday boys:
James in the yellow M&M shirt and Michael in the red one...

Amelia (or MeMe, as most everyone calls her) was happy to help her brothers by blowing out their birthday candles!

"Grandpa", feeding Jimmie his ice cream...

Present opening time!
What a fun day!

~Thank you again, Gary and Kristi, for inviting me to the boy's party!!!

PS. The cake's gone. :)


Hannah said...

I reload the page and indeed, find a new post!
You are keeping me from my bed Cora!
Whoo cares? I'm a night owl!
Okay, I'll read it real quick!

Hannah said...

What a nice time! I like 1st birthday parties! My little Izzy is going to be 1 in May!
I laughed when I read "P.S. the cake is gone!" I'm sure, it looks delish!
Okay, you KNOW where I'm headed!

Hannah said...

Thanks for your comment.
Thanks for telling your brothers about my brother's blog. He is at that point of blogging where you think "I don't think anybody reads, or is going to read my blog". I'm sure you know what I mean, it took me a while to get "blogging buddies" but after a bit I "met" them :).

Cora Beth said...

So sorry to keep you from your bed even longer! :)

Speaking of night owls, we have a real one that's been "Who-whoooing" at us the last couple of nights from the trees down by the quonset. Millie used to bark at it, but she's gotten used to it now!

I had to smile when you said the word, "Delish", as I'd never heard that shortened version of the word until I was over at Gary & Kristi's house a couple weeks ago... :)

But, I'd best get some rest now too! Love you and sleep well~

Miss Jen said...

How delightful Birthday parties are the best!!! :) How are you,dear?

Blessings~ Jen

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

What a nice time you had! Those little ones are really growing up. First birthdays are always fun because it is all so new for the little birthday child! Izzy's is going to be fun!

Rachel said...

Dear Cora!

Very nice pics!
The cake looks so good leave me a Piece when you go again :P

Your neighbours' sound very nice!!

Glad you had a nice day :)

May God bless you always
love you