Saturday, March 13, 2010

Remember to spring your clocks ahead!

Daylight Savings Time

~by Phyllis McGinley

In Spring when maple buds are red,

We turn the Clock an hour ahead;

Which means, each April that arrives,
(or March, in this case!)
We lose an hour 

Out of our lives.

Who cares? When Autumn birds in flocks

Fly southward, back we turn the Clocks,

And so regain a lovely thing--

That missing hour 

We lost last Spring.


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Is it really this soon? I don't like day light savings time!:(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder! We forgot!
I am Anonymous because someone else was signed in =D

Cora said...

I want to live in a state of denial and not have Daylight Savings Time.

Oh, wait - That's Arizona. :-P

Hannah said...

"Good Night Cora dear!"
Yep, that's all I am leaving this comment for!
To say "good night!" and "I love you!"
I always try to stay awake just until you do a post but I am very tired and I know the best thing is to get to bed, so that is where I am headed directly after here :)!

see the next comment :)

Miss Jen said...

Awww~ yes indeed! :)