Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fellowshipping....and wills~

After chores this morning, we headed west to visit our friends, the Dagleys. They were having a day of fellowshipping and learning at their home--they even had a lawyer friend of theirs speak on how to write up your own will... (Something my parents have been wanting to do for quite some time now.) Mr. L helped everyone who wished to write up a simple will to do it and printed the pages off; then everyone had to get 3 people to be witness to their signing and to also sign.

Here Andrew's signing as witness to David & Susanna's will...

One of the main themes of the day was discussing winter-survival tips and things you should have along in your vehicle during these cold months. Steve S. is showing some of the things he likes to have around in case of disaster:

My parents--watching.....

...Mrs. Dagley talk about what she has in her first-aid kit.

There was also time for visiting and I was SOOO glad that my friend Susanna (from SD) was able to be there (and that she let me hold her darling, Clementine!) :)

Susanna's younger sister, Rose (from MT) was there too, so that was another unexpected treat! Here she's showing me the pattern she's following to crochet a pocket for an apron she's making for Prairie Days...

I have several other pictures I could share, but I'm so very tired tonight, so I think I'll let my mom share more pictures when she has time!

Sweet dreams to one and all~


Miss Jen said...

Sounds and looks like you
had a simply lovely time!!!!
How are you,dear friend?

With Much Love,
Blessings and Tender Affection,
Miss Jen

Cora Beth said...

Thank you for your commment, sweet Jen! We did have such a wonderful time yesterday... :)

We are all doing quite well now and are looking forward to Spring!

Blessings and love to you~

Rachel said...

Sounds like a wonderful day of fellowship and learning with dear friends and family! :D

Aww, Clementine is soo sweet! :D How lovely to be able to hold little ones. :) I just love it! :)

I'm glad you could have some time to talk with your dear friends...the Dagley's seem like a wonderful and sweet family. :)

Thank you for the tip about the essential oil! I'll have to mention that to my parents! :) We're trying to get an appointment for her to see the dentist on Thursday. But she is in a lot of pain right now, and will probably be after seeing the dentists too. :(

And thank you for your prayers Cora! :) And for taking the time to write your little note to me! :) I appreciate it dear! :D I hope you have a lovely day!

Love and Hugs dear friend!!!! :D

The Gilmore Family said...

I noticed you wore the green dress! It's so cute! And looks very comfy and warm. :)

Sarah g.

Dawn Bornemann said...

Dearest Cora,
Thanks for sharing about our special day with the Dagleys and all of their friends--it's so nice to get to hear about the day from your perspective!
Thanks, too, for agreeing to be Jacob's guardian should your dad and I both be taken together. I know that it seems like a "Hard" subject, but I am fully convinced that much hardship could be avoided for families if these things were discussed beforehand.
I salute you, Mark and Lynette, for giving us this opportunity to attend the first ever "North Dakota Will-making party!" How wonderfully American and how wonderfully YOU! :)
By the way, thanks for giving me the blue dress, Cora!!!!
Love always,

Cora Beth said...

~Dear friend, Rachel~
Isn't Clementine so cute? (Yes, I know you already said she was, but I just had to say it again. :) ) She's such a snuggle-bug!

Please let us/me know how things went today at your appointment!

Love you lots~

~Dear Sarah~
You are very observant! If you look close, you'll notice my mom is wearing the blue one too. :) Yes, the green dress is very warm and comfortable--so perfect for Winter months in ND!

~And dear Mother B~
Thank you for suprising me with a comment!
I'm glad you are now able to feel better about having a will--should anything happen... That was an interesting talk to listen to...

Enjoy the dress!

Rachel said...

What an interesting day you all had!