Monday, February 1, 2010

A quick picture update from the last two days~

I just got finished with my first game of Stratego--playing against Andrew. When he was at the Bartletts, they taught him this game, so he came home and told us about it and then he/we made this board to play it on. We had to tape pennies onto the bottoms of each piece of paper, as they would just tip over otherwise. :) Andrew won, but said that at first he really thought I was going to win. After the game was over, he showed me where his flag was and where I had gone right by it with my #10 man! Oops...
Yesterday, Jacob dug out his wood-burning tools and decided to practice with them. He made...

...a very cute cow!
I took the following picture as Dad and Andrew pulled in the yard with the "New" grain cleaning rig yesterday...
And this picture is of Lady--when she met two of my calves for the first time. The three of them had quite a stare down until one calf moved a bit and Lady took off running in the opposite direction!
Lady had fun running around the yard with Millie this afternoon. After Jacob's schoolwork was done, and I had a Hubbard squash in the oven; granola bars baked; and the Kombucha started again, he and I headed outside to sled down the big hills of snow my dad has pushed up with the extra snow from the driveway. We had a lot of fun, and every once in a while, the dogs would climb the mounds to us for a pat on the head. :) The snow is so fun--sometimes!


Kimberly said...

Great pictures as usual, Cora. You do have a knack for capturing some good ones. You convey your thoughts well in your writing, too. I love Jacob's cow! A very talented family.

Dilvîn said...

That looks like a interesting game. I have never played it before.
That is a cute picture of Lady and the calfs!
Jacob's wood burning is really nice. My brothers like to do that too.
After reading that you made those granola bars now I want to make some! Me and my younger siblings have been going out and skiing every day it is so fun!
great picture post!
Have a good day Cora!

Miss Jen said...

Lovely post... ;)
Jacob's cow is so nice!!!

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

Kyrie said...

Fun post Cora! That's neat how y'all made your own Stratego game! I've heard of that game, but never played it. I love Jacob's cow - did he have a pattern drawn on the wood, or did he just free-hand it? Either way, he did a great job!
Love the snow pictures! That's funny about Lady and the calves' staredown! Our dog used to do that with my Uncle's cows that live around our land! ;D
I'd love to have your recipe for granola bars! I really like the store-bought ones (we only get them once in a 'blue moon'), but they are not near as healthy as home-made ones are, I'm sure. My Mom makes our granola, but we don't have a recipe for bars. Would you share it sometime maybe?
Well, gotta run - homework and all that... (yuk! ;D)

Have a wonderful day my friend!