Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meal preparation pictures~

*Note* I wanted to post these pictures last night, but then my camera batteries were dead and I couldn't get them transferred to the computer. :)
I always like seeing what my friends are doing in their kitchens, so decided to take these pictures of what I prepared yesterday.
Frozen beets from our garden, being thawed on the stove...
Jacob's favorite kind of pizza--ready to go into the oven. It's a very easy one to make actually, consisting of a thick white-sauce, to which has been added a can of tuna fish and a top layer of cheddar cheese...

Six loaves of bread rising on the counter top...
I tried a new recipe that was on a friends' blog. This is called "Soft Gingerbread Cake"--very tasty!
We topped the gingerbread cake with freshly whipped cream from our dairy...
This afternoon, I was reading another friends' blog and saw a couple of really neat links to sites that show pictures of creative ways to decorate your pie crusts and I wanted to share them with you here--in case you don't read Rachels' blog. :) You can visit this place and this place for some great ideas!
I'll share one last picture with you before diving under my covers to warm up. (It's really windy and cold here in ND again!)
It is of: my guard-dog, Lady, on duty. (I don't think she'd hurt a fly, actually!) ~


Hannah said...

Yum! I like kitchen pictures too, so thanks for sharing I'll have to take some kitchen pictures with my camera as soon as I get it!!
Oh, and by the way, I did end up finishing the forth book tonight. . .ahem, I mean this morning. It is 22 minutes to 1:00 am, and yes, I know I need to be sleeping!! Hee hee! I still need to brush my teeth!
Good Night~Hannah

I like the picture of Lady too, it must be fun to have your own little bedroom to share with your own little puppy!!

Rachel said...

Cora, I also enjoy "kitchen" pictures and seeing what friends are up to amongst the pots and pans and baking trays.

It's good to have tried and tested recipes to fall back on but also SO nice to try new ones! :)

We have an awfully impractical kitchen here where we've been staying the last year. The oven has a mind of it's own and simply refuses to bake anything properly so I've done very little baking for a long while now. :( We will be moving house soon and I am looking forward to a better oven and more time in the kitchen. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying seeing everyone's baking/cooking results on their blogs and am collecting even MORE recipes to try out later!

Have a good day and happy times in the kitchen!

Love, Rachel*
PS: Love the photo of your guard dog! :)

Cora Beth said...

I hope you were able to sleep in a little bit this morning... :) (I'm looking forward to seeing more kitchen pictures from your place--once you get your camera!)

It would be most difficult to have an oven that didn't work right if you wished to do some baking! Have you then decided to move to that place you looked at? I hope that oven works like a dream for you so you can try out lots of new recipes there. :)

Have a lovely day~ (I need to wake my guard dog up and head out to the barn!)

Dilvîn said...

Nice pictures Cora!
I like your guard dog! I made bread yesterday too,
I have not forgotten you in your request for the recipe for natural leaven bread. Just in case you have been wondering. I think about it every day! sorry that it is taking so long. I felt that I needed to become more acquainted with the making and managing of it before I shared the skills with someone else.
So It is coming!
I showed the picture of your bread to my mother (the top baker around here!) and she said you have a good handle on your bread and it is a sign of a good start.

Rachel said...

I always enjoy reading about what my friends are doing in their kitchens as well! ;) I think it's just something we as young ladies just enjoy. :)

Yum! I don't like beets, but those look so good! ;D How nice to have food put away from your garden to eat during the winter! :D And your bread looks fabulous Cora! :D Great job! There is NOTHING like homemade bread. ;) MMM-MMMM! :D And I'm going to have to try that gingerbread recipe! It looks soo delicious! Thank you for sharing that with us! :) I have a low-fat chocolate cake that looks very similar in texture and all. ;) I should make it and share that on my blog sometime soon.

Aww, someday I hope to meet Lady...and you and your family of course. ;) HeHe! I just know she and I would be good friends, even though I'm not a bit animal lover. :) She's just too sweet not to love! ;) I'm glad you've found some good companionship with her! :)

Love you and Hugs! Have a Blessed Day dearest friend! :)

p.s. - thanks for sharing the links for the pie crust. ;) HeHe! Hope you get to try them out soon! :D

Kimberly said...

Your bread looks so beautiful. I enjoyed all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Miss Jen said...

Mmmm..... everything looks
SCRUMPTIOUS!!! Isn't homemade
bread the best?!!

With Much Love~ Miss Jen

Rachel said...

Dear Cora

We are still waiting to hear about the the possible move I posted about on my blog, but whether that happens or not, we still want to move soon as our lease here will shortly expire. Wherever we move, I am also hoping that the oven will be a fantastic one! :)

lots of love,

Morse Family said...

Everything looks delicious!! What kind of flour do you use in your bread?

Your gingerbread cake looked scrumptious too! =D We've made it twice this month so far!

I made loaf bread a couple days ago and pitas and rolls yesterday!! We go through so much bread that I try to keep our extra freezer space full of healthy breads and desserts!!

Thank you for the pie crust websites!! Baking is so much fun~ I love to try new recipes and decorations!!

Lady looks like a sweetie!! I used to have a chow mix dog that could look mean but was extremely timid and sweet - OK she could be stubborn too...=D

Have a great day!! I don't know what it's like there but it is gorgeous outside here!!