Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Have you watched "No Greater Love?"

Today we received an invitation in the mail to join some friends at the Alfred, ND Church of God 7th Day to watch the movie, "No Greater Love" on Valentines Day. I've heard some good reports about the movie already and am now just wondering if anyone who reads my blog has watched it and what your opinion of the movie was? Also, if any of you (for whom it would be feasible) want to attend the movie viewing, everyone is welcome. The movie starts at 2:00PM, this Sunday. There is no admission fee and there's popcorn being served. I'm hoping we'll be able to go!

My dad is still on the road now (and probably will be for another hour or so), but thankfully the roads are pretty good and it's stopped snowing. :)

Mother went to Bismarck for the whole day, so I got to play the part of substitute teacher (which isn't too difficult, as Jacob can do a lot of his lessons on his own these days.)

Andrew worked on the grain cleaner some more and Jacob helped him some later in the day. A man (a friend of the man Andrew bought the cleaner from) came today to deliver the 3 augers that were promised to Andrew, so that was helpful...

I mixed up a batch of bread and used some of the dough to make a pizza crust; a pan of caramel rolls; fry bread to go with our vegetable soup; plus I had enough dough left over to make 4 loaves of bread.

It was a good day and will be made even better when Dad gets home (Lord willing) in an hour!


Rachel said...

Hmm,never heard of it! :) I'd be interested in seeing it though...too bad we don't live near you! ;D We could all go together! :D

I hope your dad got home all safe and sound! :)

Love and Hugs!
~Your Dear Friend Rachel~

Kyrie said...

Hey Cora! Sounds like you've had quite an enjoyable day :)!
No, I've never seen that movie... or even heard of it for that matter. Maybe you can let us all know what it was like ;)!
Hope your Dad got home safely!


Your friend,


Hannah said...

Hi Cora, yes - mom, dad and I saw that movie. Although there were a couple things we didn't like, overall we thought it was good, and would probably recommend it for older kids and adults. It shared the Gospel and had a pretty good storyline, and was kind of an emotional rollar coaster!! :-)

I hope you enjoy it!! You'll have to tell me what you think of it if you go. :-)